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How To Meet Women in NYC
How To Meet Women in NYC

How to Meet Women With Daygame in NYC

How to Meet Women With Daygame in NYC


The purpose of this article is to share a strategy that I have used to successfully meet women in Manhattan. In case you’re wondering, the nastiest, snottiest, most pretentious women live in New York City…and I love’m because they’re so dumb.

So for those of you that are familiar with Pickup-Artistry, what I’m about to share with you is an “opener.” For the uninitiated, an opener is simply a way to start a conversation with a hot women you’ve never met before.

Firstly, this opener is ideal for parks when the weather is nice–e.g., Central Park, Washington Square Park, and especially Union Square.

I personally prefer Union Square and Washington Square Park because a lot of young college age girls hang out there being that it’s near NYU. I do not prefer Central Park because the women that frequent this venue tend to be exceedingly pretentious though some are simply stunning.

That being said–Union Square is my preferred spot. You get just the right mix of college students, models, artists and miscellaneous hot women. Additionally, Union Square has, within close proximity, a variety of coffee shops, bars, and department stores which also prove to be target rich. Finally, Union Square, appropriate to its name, is a subway transfer so there is always a very large turnover of people.

The technique I’m about to share to meet women requires you to be with another guy who has half a brain and is a team plays. The technical term used by the cognoscenti is “wingman”.


  • Tip 1: You need to do this technique repeatedly to get it right to meet women. Procedural knowledge is key in the game of pickup. Many guys read tons of books and blogs, but never get around to applying it in the field, which is the biggest  key! Substantive knowledge needs to be applied in order to get the requisite procedural knowledge. But once you get it right, you will succeed! Trust me. I have field-tested this hundreds of times.


  • Tip 2: You need a wingman to meet women who is a team player, who is patient, and who is creative. I cannot emphasize this importance of this enough. You must work in a spirit of harmony or this will scheme will never work. You and your wing should never be in competition. Always be positive and supply constructive frank criticism. It’s also important that each wing be able to handle criticism as you may have hangups that require the observation of objective eye.


  • Tip 3: You need to project an aura of confidence to meet women. Never be intimidated by women. If she is rude, you and your wing can just laugh at her. Women are RARELY rude, even in NYC. They will just make polite excuses to leave or mention their “boyfriend” or “husband” in passing. However, being confident doesn’t mean you should brag. You need to indirectly “demonstrate higher value.” Verbal broadcasts will only make you look insecure.
How To Meet Women in NYC
How To Meet Women in NYC

The Sequentia Gradualis on How To Meet Women Using Daygame in NYC


1. Once you and your wingman meet women in the square, you must separate and not be seen together. It’s not necessary to be overly paranoid that you’ll be seen because most people are too interested in themselves to pay any attention to what you are doing. In any case, discreetly separate after having designated one wingman to select a target. For the purposes of this article we’ll call this wingman, the “selector wingman.” The other wingman will be designated as the “support wingman”.

2. Once the selector wingman chooses a female target, he is to sit within close proximity to her. Note: the selector wingman is NOT selecting for himself, he is selecting for his support wing and should be familiar with his taste in women. When in doubt err on the side of hotness. Ideally, the selector wingman will not sit so close to the target so as to get her attention or creep her out, but close enough that she would be able to hear a phone conversation. He might for instance sit on an adjacent park bench or some other place where people tend to congregate. For instance, in Union Square people tend to congregate on a row of steps at the south end of the park. Another spot is the picnic area in the northwest corner.

3. After sitting next to the target, the selector wingman then proceeds to text his support wingman to signal that he has made the selection. Once the support wingman gets the signaling text, he phones the selector wingman and “makes conversation.” For instance, “hey what’s up; I’m almost by the park; we’re going to meet women or x, y, and z in 30 minutes.” Selector wingman responds appropriately to support wingman’s small talk. The response can be anything but it should SUBTLY communicate the following subtexts:

  • that both have friends and are not losers;
  • that they have interesting stuff to do and are busy guys;
  • that they know other women;
  • that they are fun and “normal.” The specific content is left for you and your support wingman to devise. Be subtle, but don’t over do it.


4. Support wingman finally arrives and sits between selector wingman and female target.

5. Support wingman then proceeds to use the “jealous girlfriend opener” on selector wingman–not the female, at least not yet. He basically tells a story that the target will hopefully overhear. The “jealous girlfriend opener” is an anecdote that is likely to engage the interest of women and provoke some degree of an emotional response. You want to engage emotions more than intellect when picking up women. The opener goes something like this:

“Hey Selector Wingman, guess what happened to Friend. Friend recently got a new apartment in (some very nice area). His girlfriend of six months decided that she wanted to move in with him. Being kind of spoiled and used to getting her way, girlfriend just kind of imposed herself on him. He acquiesced and let her move in. As girlfriend began moving her stuff in, she began going through some unpacked boxes and found the following: pictures, mementos and letters of an ex girlfriend. You wouldn’t believe what one of the letters said… She got very angry and had a fit. Do you believe she was justified in reacting like this??

This is just the gist of it, but a creative support wingman will embellish with specific personalized details, proper names and specific places etc.

6. After Support Wingman goes through the story, Selector Wingman feigns incredulity or has some appropriately confused reaction, but specifically he says he really doesn’t know if the girl’s reaction was appropriate and that “we should get a female opinion…”

7. Support Wingman then gently interrupts the target (or targets, since this works very well with small groups of women) and asks if he could get a “female opinion.” You can always expect a woman to give some sort of response. Rarely is a woman ever rude, but if she is, that means she’s a loser and you and your wing should laugh at her and blow her off.

  1. Support wingman proceeds to tell the story and asks her whether the girlfriend’s reaction was appropriate. He may ask other questions as appropriate; to wit “Have you ever had an experience like this?”


9. As you converse, you should observe the woman and see if she gives and “indicators of interest.” These include smiling, asking questions on her own initiative, telling a story of her own, playing with her hair, blushing. After doing this opener several times and seeing the various reactions women have, you’ll very quickly be able to tell which women are engaged and which women you are wasting your time with.

If she gives indicators of disinterest (i.e. she talks about her boyfriend or is looking everywhere except at you), politely listen to her response which will probably be very brief and conclude the conversation by moving on to some fabricated “very interesting thing” you and wing had planned to do next.

10. If she shows interest and the conversation blossoms and digresses, support wing has passed an important threshold. At this point he could do any of several things:

  • a. end the convo because he is not interested in the target; 
  • b. ask for her phone number or email to hang out sometime; 
  • c. if target happens to be with friends, all of you could move to a new location making what’s called a “venue change” and have a coffee as the case may be.


  1. Once the target’s contact information has been procured, your mission on how to meet women has been accomplished. At this point, the other wing should be given the opportunity to get a phone number as well by repeating the same method on another woman

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