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How to Meet the Girl of Your Dreams
How to Meet the Girl of Your Dreams

How to Meet the Girl of Your Dreams Using Daygame?

How to Meet the Girl of Your Dreams Using Daygame?

Before I get into some of the common examples of starting a conversation it’s important to point out that a lot of guys have a million excuses when it comes to approaching women or asking them out. Let’s list some of the common excuses below and discuss them a little bit.

1) I refuse to approach other girls because she’s a special girl and there is none quite like her. “ She’s the one, I’m quite convinced ” This type of thinking puts so much pressure on yourself that you become the king of the friend zone before you even get the courage to ask her out. You’ve put some much pressure on the outcome and said to yourself “ This has to result in a successful outcome, because you’re convinced she’s the one” that you’ve essentially shot yourself in a foot before the game even started.

If you’re thinking this way, then I challenge you to go on 10 dates with different girls and sleep with at least 2-5 of them and then come back and tell everyone that she’s still the one. I promise I’ll believe you and you’ll convince me as much as you’ve convinced your self. This mentality puts you into a scarce type of dating mindset towards women and you should rather adopt an abundance mentality when it comes to women. There is plenty of girls like her and even better looking with more interesting personalities. Try them out. Otherwise, your scarce mentality will make you act to needy and desperate and scare them away. When you’re actually ready to learn Daygame, so you understand how to meet the girl of your dreams, you’ll put in some work to learn the right approach tactics and dating skills to get the woman of your dreams.

How to Meet the Girl of Your Dreams
How to Meet the Girl of Your Dreams

2) I don’t have time to learn daygame or approach women or she’s outside my league. Are you just not going to reproduce in this lifetime? Maybe you’ll get a nice arranged marriage with a fat ugly cow. That’s a better option, I guess. Some say that daygame or any other form of pick up is easier, but others say it’s harder. Whether you choose to work the night clubs, or want to learn how to meet the girl of your dreams through daytime approaching, you have to understand it’s a long process that requires a long time to master. Everyone is starting in a different place and if it takes you 5 years to mastery, it doesn’t mean someone will get there just as fast. Getting good and consistent at game is not easy. But ask yourself and honestly answer the following question: Did you fall a lot before you were able to walk normally or did you just start sprinting like Usain Bolt when you were a baby? Everything in this world requires commitment, effort and practice to attain a good level of mastery whether it’s sports, book writing, blogging, teaching or daygame. Most of the time you fail a lot, before you become a genius at something. That’s real success and no magic pill is gonna make it happen for you. Shortcut magical solutions will not grow legs for you and start approaching women.

3) I don’t like approaching strangers because it’s creepy and meeting friends of friends is the acceptable thing to do. You asked me: How to meet the girl of your dreams? If you’re waiting to meet her through your social circle, you’re cutting off 99% of the world around you. Why would you not learn the essential skills of picking up a woman you find interesting and cut your self off from the world around you?

Let’s discuss some actual strategies now on how to meet the girl of your dreams.

Daygame is by far a better option than clubs or bars. My 1000 approaches, and hundreds of numbers tell me daygame is the better option simply because you get better quality women during daytime. You can come across interesting girls that you will likely never run into at a club, because finding quality in a bar is difficult and you have a smaller chance to find a quality girlfriend.

With a few of the excuses above handled, let’s get you some common conversation starters that you can use today.

(Direct low social pressure environment Street Stop: “ I just saw you walking past, and I thought you looked nice. I wanted to meet you. I’m Jake, What’s your name? 

(Indirect high pressure environment like a Coffee Shop: “ Hey, I see you’ve just settled down with a hot cup of coffee to start your studying…”

Learning the Art of Daytime Approaching will get you on the path of answering your own question: How to meet the girl your dreams?

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