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5 Easy Steps on How To Become a PUA Fast
5 Easy Steps on How To Become a PUA Fast

5 Easy Steps – How To Become a PUA Fast

5 Easy Steps – How To Become a PUA Fast


Below you’ll find that we’ve summarized 5 great steps for learning game quickly and also outlined some key steps in your journey on how to become a PUA as fast as possible.

Step 1 – How To Become a PUA Fast Using Current Knowledge:

Learning should be your key priority if you’re starting at ground zero. This step could not be underestimated because it’s the most crucial one for your future success. It’s very difficult to blindly walk into something you have very limited understanding of and succeed. You could do it and experience beginner’s luck, but in the long-term you’re setting yourself up for major failure.

Whether you’re learning daygame, starting a business or even picking up a girl, you should make use of all the available resources online. In 2014, we have made so much progress with pick up, that it’s almost impossible not to find an answer to a problem you have with a girl.

PUA Community is a movement directed at men to improving their skills with women daily and grinding it out continuously in the real world and online. You simply Google the right terms and do a little research and you’ll find your answer.

My advice to you before you begin this journey is not to fall for marketing blindly. You have to realize that, this is going to be a journey and not some copy paste line system that will get you into her pants. It’s a slow gradual character improvement process that takes years. YES, YEARS!

You will learn proper mindsets to help you overcome your limiting beliefs. Discover the right tools to help you succeed with pick up consistently. It’s out there, and it’s not just theoretical. It has been tried and tested and proven to work most of the time better than anything else currently in the world. This industry is growing at a rapid pace, because it works.

If you’re looking for shortcuts on how to become a PUA fast, you can close this page now. There is no Copy Paste System to her vagina out there that works 100% of the time. That’s virtually nearly impossible. That’s not what the PUA Community represents. 

This is a community of people looking to improve their dating skills and to take their game to a higher level consistently. Everyone has their own agenda but it’s not just a community made for seducing as many women as possible.

That’s a common marketing trick used by PUA Companies. Many think, it can easily be achieved with a few cool secret techniques, but in reality it’s a slow learning process towards becoming the most interesting man in the world. It doesn’t happen over a weekend.

A lot of people hear about a book called “The Game” by Neil Strauss which leads onto a system called “Mystery Method”. Mystery Method Corporation later turned into Love Systems spinning into RSD, and others like, PUA Training, Convention21 and countless others that teach you cold approach pick up.

Step 2 – How to Become a PUA Fast Using Social Media and Forums:

There are a few really good forums such as a Love Systems Forum and a large RSD forum that have thousands of members in different parts of the world. Chances are high that there is someone in your city or near you that’s learning these skills too.

You can meet up with people in many parts of the world and find a good wing that you can go out with and PIMP IT daily. These forums have tens of thousands of members that have likely gone through what you are experiencing and will likely provide you with far better advice than your great friends or your loving and caring mom.

You should Google “Reddit” and within it you’ll find a seduction forum titled “SEDDIT”. This is a highly discussed forum for many readers focused on seduction in general. There, you’ll find a lot of people discussing Cold Approach Pick Up and other similar topics related to the PUA Community.

On Facebook you could find Inner Social Circles like Inner RSD Circle, PUA Training Fan Page along with inner social circles discussing it as well. If you’re strictly focused on daygame, then you should visit the daygame forum and their inner social circles on Facebook.

5 Easy Steps on How To Become a PUA Fast
5 Easy Steps on How To Become a PUA Fast

Step 3 – How To Become a PUA Through Taking Massive Action:


Theory books won’t grow legs and start magically approaching girls for you. Wake up and realize your reality. It’s brutal. You’ve failed and now you’re ready to make a change. That’s fantastic!

There is no need to do this from scratch. Learn from people who are successful at it and model their behavior and strategies. It’s that simple.

However, here is what happens in reality: People sit down at their computer and read endless amounts of content for years. They participate in discussions online and offline along with other PUAs, but they never really do any real cold approaches. 

You should AVOID this type of behavior and actually go out to implement the things you learn. Taking action and failing is how you learn. Understanding how to do something and applying it isn’t the same thing.

You’re gonna fail the first couple rounds when you try it. Yes it will be difficult at first, but you must realize it’s a slow gradual journey without shortcuts. You can ultimately use little tricks, techniques and shortcuts, but you’re killing your long-term success big time that way.

Avoid cute tricks as a means to rely on it to get success. Tactics and strategies are different things. You may win a few battles but you’re gonna lose the war. Keep your eye on the prize. The prize being: consistently getting a new girl at least once a week, finding a girlfriend or whatever your personal ultimate goal may be. 

Step 4 – How To Become a PUA By Taking a Boot camp:

If you fail to take action altogether after many months and years, that’s what a Boot camp is for. Take one with an instructor who’s style you feel you could resonate with.

You have to be able to see yourself eventually replicating the instructor’s results and taking a boot camp will get you past your personal inner game obstacles that are stopping you from taking action completely.

Step 5 – How To Become a PUA Fast Through Failing Consistently: 

The basic idea to pick is that you go through a specific process to get amazing results. You learn theory and apply it.

As you apply it, you’re gonna fail at some things. You analyze your performance after and make corrections to specific parts of your approach. You continuously optimize your process for maximum return on investment.

You consistently learn, apply and fail. With every step along your journey you start to get better. Success is inevitable and it’s a continuous process of Rinse & Repeat. Fail repeatedly and grow as an individual, as a PUA and as a human being, while you move towards your ultimate success.

I hope this post on How to Become a PUA Fast helped you tremendously. Thanks, and please comment below.

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