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How To Be Successful With Women
How To Be Successful With Women

5 Steps on: How to Be Successful With Women

Why Do People Fail ? 


Your 5 Steps on How to Be Successful With Women


1. Most people never ask themselves the question of: how to be successful with women? They just hope it will work out and listen to friend’s advice who is just as bad with women or got lucky once and thinks he got it all figured out. Congratulations to you, because you’ve made the first step towards glory. It’s not an easy path, and it’s painful, full of frustrations and failures, but if you stick with it long enough, success is inevitable. You have to be willing to accept a lot of failure and internalizing it deep within to help you drive your inner self towards the inevitable success.

2. The average guy listens to his emotions and doesn’t take care of his emotions well enough and doesn’t control his emotions. He lets his emotions dictate his life, and doesn’t take responsibility for his lack of achievement in some areas. If he wants to accomplish something, he fails right after one setback. That’s not a true champion, but rather another loser who fails at EVERYTHING he puts his mind to, because he doesn’t have the inner strength

How To Be Successful With Women
How To Be Successful With Women

3. The average guy also never asked the right questions like: How to be successful with women or how to be successful at XYz? He is another useless consumer, getting by in life and living the beautiful socially conditioned lifestyle of a great career, and a lot of money but failing at relationships or is in a very unhappy relationship, trying to figure out why his looks and money aren’t getting him the women the societal conditioning has “promised” or advertised to him.

4. Everyone is always chasing the magic pill. What’s the best formula or shortcut for this or for that? Is there really a magic pill, or is most of this stuff simply a marketing gimmick to sell you the product? Have you ever thought about the fact that we’re all just one big useless society of consumers who want a quick fix on your latest, big, bad problem that in reality may not really even be a problem? We live in a world where nobody has patience, and everybody wants the change to happen now. It’s just thoughtless consumerism at hand, working you to the bone every day and you never stop to think about your own life or ideas and how to truly create an abundant life of happiness by making those ideas a reality.

5. Truly ask your self, what kind of women do you like? If you’ve answered cute, or just pretty, you’ve failing at getting laid and failing at other areas of your life as well, because you’re not going after what you truly want and you haven’t defined measurable concrete goals for your self. You haven’t truly sat down one day and created some kind of life map or destination and you haven’t painted a mental image of what kind of woman you want to end up with and your end goal with everything. Start today at this moment.


“ Life just happens to you, instead of you making life happen ” 



I know I am hitting you on the head with this, but Why? Because you never really asked yourself, those questions in your life before. You have to start asking yourself this very moment why you haven’t designed your life beforehand.


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