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How do you get a woman?
How do you get a woman?

How Do You Get A Woman Using Daygame Approach?

Consider this as a quick-start guide that will slowly begin to answer your basic question of “How do you get a woman”.  If you are new to game and daygame in general don’t burn yourself out the first time around. Spread your approaches overtime. Don’t do more than 10 approaches your first time around. You will get discouraged and burned out too quickly, and will want to quit before you are really in the race to win.

How Do You Get A Woman?

I will break down fundamentals of daygame openers, sub-communication, and how to move a conversation along so you can begin to answer your own question of how do you get a woman with daygame approach. Go out and approach at least 80-130 girls during day over a span of a month of two. Don’t kill yourself but focus on consistency and try and do this daily. Every day is the absolute best way to get good at this and help diminish approach anxiety. In the beginning don’t worry too much about results because you will likely be brutal at this if you’ve never done this before. You are learning to walk before you can run and achieve that 9.8 second result in a 100 meter run. Don’t be dead set upon getting a girl’s number or going home feeling like crap because you didn’t  “Win” or bring a girl home. Like I said, before you ran, you should learn to walk first. Only then you will begin to build references on how do you get a woman.

Overcome Approach Anxiety
Overcome Approach Anxiety

How do you get a woman in a big city? Every city has a central shopping area that is full of pedestrian traffic. If you’re really lucky it has a ton of women. Scope out the area and look for busy streets with a lot of women. Think Chanel, Gucci, lingerie and shoe stores and places with sales like H&M or similar stores. You could also try, a town square, train station, the mall, or the high street. Go there every day or every weekend from 12-5 p.m. That way you get the most target rich environment for the minimum amount of time spent approaching.

Important disclaimer for those of you seeking answers to: how do you get a woman with daygame ? 

If you currently live in a small city, you risk getting a reputation for being the creepy guy who hits on girls. If your city or school campus has less one million inhabitants I’d strongly recommend that you take a train or a bus to the nearest big city like New York, London, Paris, Berlin, Toronto, Montreal, and such to do your first 150 – 250 sets there. I’ve learned my lesson the hard way, don’t repeat my mistakes I beg you. In the beginning you’re gonna be terrible so don’t shit your own bed so to speak. Once you are regularly getting girls giving good responses and enjoying the experience you can go back to gaming your own backyard or school campus. It’s a step by step process that will eventually start creating a bank of answers to your question; how do you get a woman? You must start creating little positive reference points because that’s going to be your foundation to getting better with day game.

How do you get a woman?
How do you get a woman?

Your looks matter and they don’t! Here is the real truth. How do you get a woman if you’re over 300 pounds and have bad acne? Start with your health first and fix that first. You have bigger problems to worry about here than how do to get a woman.Your physical body appearance plays maybe 10 % in a woman’s decision to sleep with you or not. That’s it. When PUA companies tell you that looks don’t matter it’s a pure marketing scheme, and I don’t believe it for a second because attraction does come from looks but ultimately she won’t sleep with you if you have poor social skills and you’re a complete but good looking moron. You don’t need to be ripped, just average to slightly overweight. It won’t hurt you in any way to be in top shape because more women will notice you, but that doesn’t mean you’ll get 100 girls sucking your cock every time you approach or open a set. Take better care of your diet, but cut back on fast food, beer and take a daily walk.

How do you get a woman if you are way too skinny for your height? Your muscles don’t matter all that much actually, just don’t look like you recently escaped from a concentration camp or came out of a poor african village where you’ve been malnourished since you were 2 years old. Just look like you’re in shape and fit enough to do athletic activities. Get on that and improve your diet and exercise regularly. You won’t gain 40 pounds overnight but if you do over a couple years, that is a good way to go about it and healthy. 50 push ups, 50 sit ups, 50 deep knee squats and you’re set. All you need is a small space in your lounge, or your basement and screw the 50 dollars a month membership fee. Get a normal haircut, shave at least once a week, have a shower every morning and maintain a generally well kept appearance.

How do you get a woman by communicating your identity? This is where your style and wardrobe comes in. Avoid the mass generic stereotypical look of a “cubicle guy” or “prep school guy” or plain black T-Shirt with washed out jeans and regular sneakers. Pick items that sit well on you. Consult a stylist as this isn’t that kind of an article. They will do a better job than me explaining to you the basic of communicating your identity with your style. That’s your goal behind your. Your style should be eye catching, different from the rest, original and have accessories that say who you are. If you’re into yoga or Buddhism wear something that may reflect that. If you’re a rocker kind of guy, bring that out. You get the point here I hope.  Don’t need a thousand dollars to come up with a cool outfit, but definitely have a few that reflect who you are at the deep core.

How do you get a woman using strong daygame mindsets? You are not going out to pick up girls. You are going to have an awesome time and experiment with this new thing called daygame. It’s a cool social experiment and you’re curious what can come out of it. You have no expectations at all. Don’t compare yourself to youtube guys that pull girls home within 3 hours, when you’ve never done more than 500 approaches in your life all-together.

How do you get a woman with this daygame frame ? You never regret approaching, regardless of the response you get. However you will regret not approaching for a long time. That will eat away at you for weeks and months because now knowing is the worst feeling you can have. If you don’t get any success from your approach, that’s ok, at least you know you are not gonna sleep with that woman, but thinking that you could have had something with a woman you saw walk past and did nothing about that, is the worst thing in the world. You will probably never know and never come across her again. That’s just fucking sad.



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