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How Can PUA Training Save Your Dating Life and Go Beyond?
How Can PUA Training Save Your Dating Life and Go Beyond?

How Can PUA Training Save Your Dating Life and Go Beyond?

How Can PUA Training Save Your Dating Life and Go Beyond?


How Will PUA Training Help Me in General?

We’ve quickly entered an era bound by quick fixes, fast iPhone replacements and no longer value anything highly like we used to a few decades ago. Our value regarding technology, our friendships, travel experiences, jobs or even other human beings that we choose to “date” has shifted 180 degrees in the “wrong direction”. The reason I label it a “wrong direction” because it’s a direction that’s heavily undefined for most people.

Sadly, even the idea of “dating” no longer feels real to young adults under 35 today. It’s all about quick hook ups, fast partner replacements, better career opportunities, more money and a fast young life bound by the obvious success around the corner. Since we’re so good-looking, smart and educated we’re all entitled to the biggest and best.

PUA Training is generally quite manipulative and misunderstood by a lot of people. You  can read this post on 3 Myths About The PUA Community to get an idea why. However before we examine how PUA Training could give you more than just dating success, here is a snippet of what truly happens in the actual reality beyond your socially acceptable “reality”. What world do you really live in and what do you truly believe about your reality? Read a small preview of how a highly desired woman views the world today and this type of radical transformational thinking is what PUA Training truly can offer you beyond just dating.

Enter the mindset of a beautiful woman with a “below average personality” in today’s modern world:
How Can PUA Training Save Your Dating Life and Go Beyond?
How Can PUA Training Save Your Dating Life and Go Beyond?

Who cares about others. It’s all about my personal success and what’s in it for me. I don’t ever need to stop to think that I may actually get more in return if I provide more value to society. I don’t need to provide much value to anyone today, they owe me already. I was already born beautiful and I’m entitled to many free things that these idiotic men are throwing my way. It’s their own fault really. If they’re willing to throw money my way to pay for my affection, I’ll take it and make them pay for my time since it’s highly valuable. Why wouldn’t they pay for me, I’m young beautiful and desired and I can get almost anyone I want. Look at these little weak man trying to win my affection with their money. This is simply laughable.

I never stop to think about my long-term goals or what’s ahead of me in life or where I’m headed. I’m just Janice and I’m a beautiful girl and nothing bad can ever happen to me. I live in the world that will always bow down to me, since I’m so highly prized by everyone around me on Instagram, Facebook and all the other non-real facets of today’s “reality”.

I am amazing, because I just exist. Isn’t that enough already as it is? I think so. I should just post a selfie on Instagram and later Tweet one too so I can see how many likes and comments I can get.

I bet more than one of them will want to buy me a free dinner tonight, take me on a trip to Bahamas next week and buy me a car next month if I fuck him.

Maybe I will, but first let’s see if he’ll pay for my trip. Oh please, what is there to even think about? Of course he will, I’ve got this sponsor exactly where I want him and if he doesn’t like something about my behavior, I’ll soon replace him with another.

Enter PUA Training and It’s Transformational Way to View Dating and Other Facets of Life: 

The sad reality today, is that many young beautiful women have fallen victim hoping for the easy way out. They believe that this kind of lifestyle will continue to exist beyond their 30s, when their looks are diminished and younger hotter women will come to take over. Free rides end and the glorious life turns into ashes and these women turn bitter and cold for the most part since they’re no longer desired and their valued is nor significantly lower than ever before. The dream life has faded faster than expected. What happened?

Many of today’s women mistakenly assume today the right guy will come into her life soon anyway, because why wouldn’t he? She gets new guys every week messaging her on Tinder, at clubs, through friends with so much abundance in her life, the odds of “securing” a great mate are pretty high anyway.

With so much abundance and opportunity, we feel that we don’t really need to try as hard to impress anyone with our personality much. We would rather try many different partners, because one will likely stick around to please us and provide for our whims and wants whatever they happen to be. All I really have to do is Swipe Right on Tinder, and Voila! Here is my next meaningless 45th guy trying to please me once more. Let’s hope this one entertains me.

It is obvious to us that, we no longer need to sacrifice our wants and needs as much. We don’t need to make compromises, because we could easily go out next week and find someone who’s as good as the one we currently have or even a “better match”. That’s a truly secure feeling to have. After all we’re always chasing security in life in all aspects. Right?

The only small, but very real danger with that type of thinking is that both genders tend to think in these terms, which creates chaos and many unhappy, pissed of guys and girls who endlessly jump around from one girl to the next seeking fulfillment and happiness. In the end, both parties end up pretty disappointed.

If you’re one of those people hoping to depend on others to bring happiness than PUA Training could help you blow apart many realities you may have about the world today beyond simply dating or getting success with women.

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