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Extremely Successful Pick Up Artists
Extremely Successful Pick Up Artists

Extremely Successful Habits of a Great Pick Up Artist

Notable Habits of a Successful Pick Up Artist


Every successful pickup artist has a number of notable habits that he possesses. Such habits have been formed through hard work that involves meeting a lot of women in bars, nightclubs, streets or any other place that pickup artists meet women. However, for an upcoming seducer, it’s quite easy to get confused. Such a person may over-analyze every situation and second guess himself until he reaches a point of frustration that makes him give up. Below is a look at several habits of a highly successful pickup artist.

A successful seducer is usually very resilient. The ability to remain confident, calm and undaunted in a seemingly sticky situation is a skill that takes time to learn and master. If someone can build up resilience to women, especially unpleasant ones, then it is possible for him to have more success with ladies than most men. Resilience means not getting flustered around women who rejects someone, talks someone down or tries to throw him off-balance. If a woman tells a resilient man off, he will just laugh it off, wipe it from his memory and move on with life as if it has not happened.

A top pick up artist is one who is very persistent. This is better explained by an example. Take an upcoming seducer who has never approached a woman in his life and generally is terrible when it comes to talking to women. Such a person can decide to do something about it and set up a target of approaching a hundred women every week.

” Out the 100 women that he approaches, it is a safe bet that more than 20 will be willing to give him their numbers or go for an instant date with him. This adds up to more than 20 women willing to go out on a date with him within a week

This is possible because his persistence paid off. If he had approached just one woman in that week and she said no to him, if he gave up he would not have gotten anywhere. The point of all this is that persistence pays.

Master Pick Up Artist
Master Pick Up Artist Seduces These Women Consistently

“A master pick up artist knows that practice makes perfect, eventually leading to mastery”

It is not possible to become good at anything without doing practice and repeating it over and over again until it is mastered. A successful artist has approached dozens of women, following an almost similar pattern with each one of them. This means he has refined his skills to the extent that the game becomes second nature to him. If an upcoming seducer just focuses an hour each day to approaching women, then within a month or two he would be better than when he started.

“Trying out new material is another notable characteristic of a successful pick up artist”


Using an opener that one has been using for years is okay if it still works. However, that opener will at some point become old hat, meaning the individual will to try something new. A master artist will try new methods of picking up women whenever he gets the chance in order to find out what works. He will then keep and refine the techniques that work so that they almost never fail each time he uses them. He will learn from the unsuccessful techniques but never use them again.

“The willingness to adopt and learn from mistakes is a trait observed in all master seducers”

It is inevitable that things will always change. For someone to become a top pick up artist who utilizes the world around him to his advantage, he must be willing to quickly adopt. For instance, if a woman cancels a date they had planned, then he will adapt by making arrangements with another woman.

“Bad things will always happen to any successful pick up artist


Being able to move over and pass unpleasant situations will make anyone an unstoppable seducer. In addition, failure to learn from one’s mistakes is a major shortcoming. Making mistakes with women is absolutely fine. However, one should always take note of each mistake made in order to avoid them in the future.

The quicker an upcoming pick up artist makes mistakes and learns from them, the quicker he learns what not to do. Eventually, he will soon be making far fewer mistakes as time goes by.

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