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become a pick up artist
become a pick up artist

Ultra Simple Guide to Become a Pick Up Artist

Ultra Simple Guide to Become a Pick Up Artist


The pick up artist culture has been in the media for years. In its earlier days, it more or less was an online community of men trading tips on how to successfully attract and take women to bed. However, the term now seems pretty lame. This is because it attracts the type of men who have no interest at all in getting women.

Their main interest is talking to other men on online forums and giving advice that is unlikely to work in the real world. This article offers real advice to anyone who wants to become a pick up artist.

It can be quite annoying how once men get into such an online community, they lose interest in learning how to attract pretty women. They just adopt the weird advice offered in these forums that actually make them worse.

The forums contain the types of men who offer no value at all and do not help anybody. They just give misleading advice based on theory as opposed to results, and troll the forums since they have better to offer.

Remember the Points Below Will Help You Become a Pick Up Artist

A real pick up artist knows exactly what he wants to achieve with women. Such a man wants to meet and attract women, then seduce them in a totally natural way with no gimmicks, tricks or mythical shortcuts. To become a pick up artist it’s all about hard work and effort. There are some do’s and don’ts that men should take rather seriously.

Sitting at home all day watching movies or playing video games is not the way to go. Men who do this are morons who do not deserve to get laid. A man is more thrilled and gets more satisfaction by treating himself with a real woman, not by watching as many thriller movies as possible.

A successful pick up artist is one who goes to bars and nightclubs to practice. Practice will give someone confidence when it comes to handling women. The more women someone approaches, the more experienced he gets.

become a pick up artist
Become a Pick Up Artist

Eating like a slob is a no-no for any man who wishes to be a good pickup artist. Junk food makes someone fat and unattractive. It is advisable for men to eat healthy food and hit the gym. One does not necessarily have to have the body of a bodybuilder. All that is needed is keeping the body healthy and lean so that the individual can feel good about himself when approaching women.

Using routines is not a good idea. These are for geeks who approach women as if it is a game. In addition, forums should also be avoided. Forums can suck a person in and strip him of his manhood if he lets them. These should be left for geeks while focusing on the outside world. Instead, one should adopt proven methods and refine them in a way that matches one’s style.

By learning what works and then using the methods in practice until they become natural will help someone develop his own style. Improving one’s sense of humor is also recommended, since women like people who make them laugh.

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