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3 BIG Reasons Why Your Dream Girl Doesn’t Text Back.
3 BIG Reasons Why Your Dream Girl Doesn’t Text Back.

3 BIG Reasons Why Your Dream Girl Doesn’t Text Back.

3 BIG Reasons Why Your Dream Girl Doesn’t Text  Back.

So you’ve picked up a girl in daygame though cold approach, but the interaction didn’t last very long. You got the number, but you’re not sure what happened and what you should text the girl.


If you’re like most guys who are clueless about The Phone and Text Game, you should get a copy now and solve this problem once and for all.




Here Are Some Examples of Texts That Explain Why The Girl Doesn’t Text Back:


  • “It was nice meeting you last night. I’m Jamie from the carnival” – Never qualify yourself or be overly nice and apologizing for being you. She gets these messages all the time from guys of lower value. They’re dull and show low value.


  • “Pleasure meeting you” – Boring and she gets these all the time from guys. Be original and bring back CallBack Humor into your first text.


  • “I think we have an amazing connection. Never met a girl like you” – This one is emotionally over-investing. Don’t show more emotional investment than she has.




How to Turn a “Girl Doesn’t Text Back” into a “Girl That Won’t Stop Texting”?



The “Yes’s” and “No’s” Law of Investment 


3 BIG Reasons Why Your Dream Girl Doesn’t Text Back.
3 BIG Reasons Why Your Dream Girl Doesn’t Text Back.

Calling her first is like going ‘all in’ in poker. She may pick up the phone and you may have a great conversation with her. However, if she has low investment and she does not answer, or even if she is just busy and forgets to call you back.

If this happens a few times, then it can paint the underlying picture in her mind that you are chasing her in a needy way. If, on the other hand, you send her a simple text first and she does not reply, you have lost little or no value and can still text or call the number at a later date.

When a woman does not reply to your text, she has subconsciously said “no” to something small. Choosing not to answer her phone and not to call you back is subconsciously a much larger “no” than not responding to a text message. In the space between getting her number and the first date, little “no’s” will happen, but you want to avoid big “no’s”. The bigger the “no” and more times she rationalizes saying “no”, the easier it is for her to say it. This works the opposite way as well. The bigger the “yes” and more times we can get her to say “yes”, the easier it is for her to say “yes” down the road. This means that if we can get her to say “yes” and invest in responding to multiple text messages, she is much more likely to rationalize saying “yes” to answering your phone call and meeting you down the road. “Yes’s” build investment. “No’s” kill investment.

It doesn’t impact your value significantly when she does not reply to your first text. If it’s a low investment text, it will not even necessarily require a response from her.

As another example, you could send her the following statement texts instead of a typical question “I just met your twin“ or “Doberman or Hound“ (notice no punctuation). Her lack of response to this will have no impact on your value whatsoever. It’s very low investment on your part and doesn’t show any signs of emotional overreaching. Whether she responds to this or now, it has such little effect on your value that it won’t affect your future moves. You can wait a few days and text her again and it will not come across as needy or chasing her.


“I’ve Applied All the Principles Above and My Dream Girl Doesn’t Text Back“ …..  What Now?


You have 2 options:
  1. Give up and NEXT HER, because there is too much damage here to recover from and you’ve pretty much burned it to the ground. But there is one last resort to try….Check out Text and Phone Game on recovery, damage control and how to prevent it.
  2. Send her the following text message if she’s completely unresponsive: “Filthy Slut“. If she responds, immediately call her and say that was a joke and that you were joking around with your friends about this imaginary “filthy slut” who fucked like 3 of your friends in one night and make it sound quite judgmental and immoral. Play into the social conditioning aspect of how inappropriate it is and shame her but frame it in a funny sexual way. Then, at the end you could say something like, “But, you’re obviously nothing like that”.

After that, quickly switch the topic to something less drastic and interesting so she stops thinking about “your insult” and this crazy story about some “whore” who may actually exist in this world. To play it on the safer side, if she’s somewhat responsive, but you’re loosing her here and there, you could send something like “Doberman or Poodle” or “I just met your twin” 

You should think of her investment as increasing “buying temperature”. Women are like a volume knob that have to be turned on beyond threshold to make a solid commitment. You have to basically escalate on her emotionally through your call because that’s your only option here. Play up on her emotions and give her the illusion of control and DO NOT SUGGEST A MEET UP on the first call. Keep it below 10 minutes and then make an excuse to go. This means you keep committing small amounts of investment from her and next time you text or call, she’ll likely be thinking about you and waiting for your call.

Text her in 2 days and then call within 5 minutes of her answer. Have a chat and feel the “buying temperature”. If her buying temperature is hot enough (giggling, laughing, asking you personal questions) and she seems like she’s having a good time talking to you, suggest a cool place. Tell her you stopped by after work with friends at a cool bar where they make some crazy awesome drinks. Try and make it sound as appealing as possible and SELL IT TO HER like your life or your family lives depend on it.


My co-workers and I stopped by at this cool bar after work where the bartender made us glowing drinks while juggling glasses. It’s like a full circus show without the frightening clowns. I’ll let you take me there if you promise to buy the first round”.  

If she sounds interested in it and there is no “dead awkward silence” after you finished your bar sell, you’re in good shape to arrange a time. Give her a false choice “Tuesday or Thursday at 7 p.m.?”

This pretty much sums up this small Text and Phone Game damage control, so if you liked this, leave me comments below.

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