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How To Get Good With Women Fast.
How To Get Good With Women Fast.

How To: Getting Good With Women Fast

How To: Getting Good With Women Fast


1) What you must understand about Getting Good With Women Fast, is that there is no cure for bad game or magic pill or a million dollar bootcamp you can take, that will make you an instant master and you will be amazing with women over a weekend. A bootcamp is simply meant to get you started in the right direction. Any course you take or a book you come across in the PUA community, you have to understand that you still have to go through the grind. Although these PUA companies may lure you in with their marketing, but the trick to getting good with women is that you have to put in the time and effort. It’s simple, top athletes got to the top because they put a lot of hard work into it. They didn’t wake up one day, went to a track field and got good over a weekend. They started somewhere and got good for a certain time, only to find that to get to be the best, they must progress in a very slow and steady fashion and there is no shortcut.

How To: Getting Good With Women Fast
How To: Getting Good With Women Fast

2) The same rules apply to getting good with women. At the beginning when you’re learning your foundations, you’re gonna start getting some excellent results really quickly, like getting numbers, maybe a couple dates here and there. However, to ultimately achieve consistency and mastery you have to go through the motherfucking grind. There is no way to get around that, it’s a simpler than you think. It goes something like this. Imagine a scale of 1 to 10 and 10 being ultimate mastery level for you. When you are starting out you get to level 3/10 in a short period of time because that’s always been the case. Then you are building a good foundation quickly and it’s a good way to go about it, as long as you’re practicing a lot and doing your approaches every bloody day. But then you hit a plateaux and you stagnate for a while until you have a breakthrough and then you go up a level. It can be your body language, your tonality or a little tweak, or some irrational belief that’s holding you back from achieving those goals. Find those out quickly, improve and get closer to your dreams and aspirations. It’s simple, just do it on consistent basis.

Getting good with women, comes down to building a beautiful castle full of memories that you can access at any point of time. Think of every brick in your beautiful place like  a memory of your approaches and your screw ups. Every brick was laid and a reference point was created. Once you make enough mistakes and lay enough bricks to build a beautiful castle you will achieve mastery. It’s not going to happen overnight, despite what latest technique or loophole the PUA community is selling to you. It’s not the way of success.

3) To succeed in game, you have to fail a lot and fail fast and hard. The trick is to get back up quickly, rebound and jump back onto the track and continue building you beautiful palace. Think of it as you like, whether it’s a matrix full of reference points that you can tap into anytime when a similar situation occurs or a palace built by you, that only you have access too. Yeah it’s the baddest coolest palace on planet Earth because you bloody built it with your efforts and “rejections” and mistakes.

4) The trick to getting good with women is to understand that there is no trick to getting good with women. Now, that’s a god damn paradox. I’m not here trying to sell you on the latest trick that will have women sucking your cock 25 seconds into the conversation or promise you that you will fuck 10 models every week after a couple approaches using my latest techniques or some NLP garbage. The reality to getting good with women is brutal. You have to accept the fact that you have to learn the basics, go apply them, fuck it up.

5) Then rinse and repeat until your screw ups are almost at a non-existent level where your game becomes so tight and you have so many reference points that you’re able to handle yourself “properly” in most situations and become consistent. The more you practice the better you will get. There is no specific time frame I can provide you with, as people are all different and start their journey in a different place. Remember, don’t give up right away if you didn’t get the result quickly and keep plowing and believe in your dream. Being an amazing pimp takes a lot of effort and a lot pushing yourself out of your comfort-zone. Getting good with women will happen for you eventually, as long as you create a supportive environment for yourself and consistently do your approaches and keep refining your game.


Cheers, I’m off to go refine my skills at DayGame because it’s bloody awesome.


See you on the playground boss.

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