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Diminish Approach Anxiety
Diminish Approach Anxiety

The Game Myth of Approach Anxiety

The Game Myth of Approach Anxiety

Narcissists react to low self-esteem by denying it and overcompensating for it. They can’t accept themselves so they create a False Idealized Self (the Super-Playing) and then construct a delusional world to support it. What is the one thing a narcissist can never accept? What is one thing that will lead to a complete unravelling of his FIS and the mental meltdown that results? Mystery Method’s kryptonite:


“ Confronting his own low self-esteem “


Mystery knew approach anxiety was real, so he had to construct an explanation within his system and deal with it in his own infield adventures. But he could not trace its cause to the real root – a lack of self-acceptance resulting from low self-esteem.


It’s far safer for the ego to rationalize away approach anxiety with some plausible comforting evo-psy babble. It’s the ultimate meta-weasel because it diverts you from finding the real path to reducing approach anxiety.


How to Reduce Approach Anxiety Naturally? 

Diminish Approach Anxiety
Diminish Approach Anxiety



Self Acceptance: Always be aiming to reach a place of complete acceptance and internal referencing entirely disregarding the outside world. You can learn about it more in the Daygame Blueprint.


Think to your self the following stuff:


“ I am more invested in myself and my opinion of myself than in other people’s opinions of me “ 


“ I would like to be better at XY and Z, but I’m still happy with who I am today ” 


Look deep into yourself to find what you truly value and what is the core essence of your identity. Burn away all the fat, all the trappings, all the clutter. Burn it all down until there’s only a small hard rock left that is the real you. That’s your internal reference point. Nothing else in this world will ever matter. That’s the real you. Those are your values and you will live by those and no outside factors will ever change that. You know who you are.



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