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Top 5 Crazy & Funny Texts to Send a Girl Tonight
Top 5 Crazy & Funny Texts to Send a Girl Tonight

Top 5 Crazy & Funny Texts to Send a Girl Tonight

Top 5 Crazy & Funny Texts to Send a Girl Tonight


1. Why You Should “Seed” Funny Texts to Send a Girl?


Setting up a funny frame should happen in the interaction when you’re speaking to the girl in person. That’s what “seeding” essentially means here. Your first text should relate back to something funny you discussed in the conversation to make her think about you and cement your presence in her mind.

“Hey, I bet you’re at a salon, getting nails done right now ;)” 

Otherwise you’ll get nowhere and kill the interaction by making a move too soon. Focus on building her yes responses and eliciting more forms of investment from her until she’s ready for your phone call and she’s “hot enough” to answer your call and agree to the date.

Phone calls are always better than wasting time and texting for weeks. 3-5 Phone calls within the first 2 weeks is your goal. If a date doesn’t happen within that time frame, it likely will never happen, or will require too much time on your part and energy to get a positive result such as a date.

This approach solves problems quickly and no time is wasted with a bad lead. Your leads will either convert or they won’t. You can’t close all your leads, and if anyone makes unrealistic claims of that nature, they’re smoking something daily and religiously.

You have to learn to filter the girls that are “time-wasters” and only want attention. The ones that will actually come out on a date with you will show massive investment right from the start and you should be identifying those quickly by following strategies outlined in Text and Phone Game.



2. Where Are You in The Interaction As You Think of Funny Texts to Send a Girl?


Are you continuously sending her funny texts just to get her attention and performing like a clown or you’re only using it a “spices’ by continuously spreading it out across the conversation by making funny remarks here and there through teasing or challenging. Simply making her laugh isn’t enough at the beginning. Set the frame that this interaction is moving forward towards a frame and judge how quickly you can push this girl by throwing in “challenges” and “funny/clever” remarks and increasing her levels of investment through teases and constant “acceptance” of her “minor flaws”. Take her off the pedestal consistently by maintaining control of her validation and stripping it away as you please. Control the flow of the interaction and her validation levels. Build up her validation through compliments and then take it away ruthlessly. This increases investment and pushes the interaction closer to the date.


See example below the last paragraph.


 3. Are Your Funny Texts to Send a Girl Really Required?


Look at your interaction carefully and understand that you only need to send a funny text to a girl if her attraction levels or investment levels begin to drop. Use it as spices to maintain attraction or spice up the conversation. Avoid overly logical or highly structured interactions that elicit a simple “yes” “no” responses. Your goal is to maintain as much momentum as possible and build it rapidly to get her number or commit her to a date. You can see this Text and Phone Game example here. 


 4. Are Your Funny Texts to Send a Girl Actually Funny?


Humour is a subjective thing to judge. What you find funny isn’t necessarily funny to her.  If your sense of humor is drastically different and very “out there”, than you may not resonate with a lot of girls so it may “hurt” you if you’re not making it relatable to her enough by grounding your jokes into examples that she can easily understand. This text is just an example, and it hasn’t been proven to work consistently. Remember, always ground your text humor in her reality as much as possible and make it relatable to her like this:

“My team fails to score penalties every game lately, much like all the creepy dudes approaching you at clubs

5. What is the True Purpose of Funny Texts to Send a Girl?
Top 5 Crazy & Funny Texts to Send a Girl Tonight
Top 5 Crazy & Funny Texts to Send a Girl Tonight

What are you really trying to achieve with a girl beyond making her laugh? Does your text get you closer or further from your ultimate goal?

You have to consistently ask yourself that question every step the way and keep your eye on the prize at all times.

Does sending this funny text hurt your chances or does it maintain the flow of your conversation? If it’s a funny text to you, she may not find it as funny and simply not respond. Your sense of humor has to easily be understood and be relatable enough for the girl to respond with some form of investment. Not all girls are witty and intelligent or think about the text as much you do when you try to come up with witty, funny things.

Many guys may think about funny texts to send a girl for hours on end and end up over-thinking it so much that they end up sending some “carefully” crafted message to illicit a response and often it’s so clever and thoughtful that the girl can’t even relate.

Most girls don’t live in the deeper layer of thought, but rather “hop from one idea to the next every moment” especially in today’s world where we have so much information thrown at us. The shinier and better thing at that moment will captivate her more than your message regardless how good it may be. So don’t over stress it so much. Rather relax and be “easy going” with your texts and let her invest more than you.

She may likely look at your message and if she can’t quickly relate to it within 5 seconds, you’ve actually take a step back by sending her an “overly crafted message”. This kind of message is too thought out and the girl sees that it’s not a natural, “in the moment” type of response, because it “brakes the flow of the conversation”. Keep the flowing going as much as possible. Don’t push the interaction to fast to particular outcome too quickly and rather let the conversation develop and transition between topics smoothly by connecting the “dots”.

If you break the flow too much, this massively kills attraction and stops you from achieving your ultimate goal which is securing the date. Next time when you catch yourself carefully crafting a message for hours on end, stop and think what’s your ultimate goal here and is your time spent worth the return here or should you park her digits on the “bench” while you play the game on the real battlefield.


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