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Turning Attraction Switches On
Turning Attraction Switches On

Daygame Attraction Switches You Must Know

5 Attraction Switches in Daygame That Give You the Edge

Let’s explore the daygame attraction switches and find out how to use them to your advantage so they can give you the edge in daygame pick up.

1. Body Language and Appearance over looks are important attraction switches. 

Your looks won’t hurt your chances if you’re good looking, but if you’re not good looking that’s not gonna determine the final outcome of the interaction because attraction for women is based solely on looks.

What is important though is your style, your body language and the way you speak as that will affect how attractive a woman perceives you as. If you act like a confident, strong attractive person, you’ll see that women begin to refer to you as handsome more often.

Turning Attraction Switches On
Turning Attraction Switches On

Attraction switches are hiding in plain sight so that means you should be having a good sense of style that is conveying your particular identity. If you are trying to convey to other that you’re a fashion designer, a business man, you have an office job, a creative artsy painter or a college student that should be reflected in your fashion.

You should ultimately include a couple items in every one of your outfits that are unusual, like a stylish hat, a white pair of pants or shoes, a necklace or cool rings that reflect something about you. These items are subtle attraction switches that are more subconscious. This can give a women some insight about who you are and allow them to compliment you or use your items as a conversation starter.

Items are small parts that can act as attraction switches but you must make an effort to improve your body language as much as possible, because that’s a very key attraction switch that generates attraction more so than anything else. Stop slouching and stand up straight. Quit staring at the ground and keep your heap up high and avoid talking rather quickly. Keep your shoulders back, talk slowly with your eyes focused straight ahead. Avoid looking around too much, or looking at the ground too much. Look at the woman and maintain laser eye contact.

2. Speech patterns are common attraction switches in daygame.

Don’t speak too quickly and don’t be afraid to pause a lot here and there especially when you’re delivering your first opening lines. Guys tend to miss out on these basic attraction switches because they rush through this element of the approach as if they were on their way to go put out a fire but ran into the woman and stopped to talk to her.

Talk slowly, which means reduce your speech to half the normal pace especially if you are a fast talker. Pause when you’re looking to stress a point and also when you’re waiting for her to reflect on something that you just said. You should only focus on a few select attraction and get good at those, rather than utilizing all the attraction switches at once and unleashing a storm. This isn’t a routine gentleman, it’s an overview of different possible attraction switches possible for you to keep in your tool box that you can employ at any given moment with daygame.

Take a couple months with every approach to develop stronger, more confident and slower speech patterns. This doesn’t mean you’re speaking like a mentally deficient person or are taking you sweet ass time between every fucking word, but speak naturally like you would talk to a friend if you just woke up. Sleepy voice is the sexiest voice for women. That tonality and pace are best which means combining the elements of your body language and speech patterns are vital attraction switches.

3. Leading the interaction physically, verbally, emotionally and logistically are also attraction switches that comprise a single package.

That sounds like a lot of things in one package, but remember you must always maintain a leading frame. This means taking her by the hand and leading her along somewhere, emotionally projecting future scenarios of you two going away on some ridiculous trip, leading her around the block to the nearest cafe and physically escalating the touching like kissing, hand holding or stroking her hair casually.

4. Social and Emotional Intelligence is another one of the 5 attraction switches vital for getting good with daygame.

It’s obvious that socially savvy people tend to have more friends, and be more successful by connecting with new people and likely making a better life for themselves.

Don’t ignore friends when you meet her and she happens to be with them.

If you’re awkward in the beginning and ignore her friends, this will be an indication to her that such little subtle things don’t matter to you and you’re likely socially awkward with people. This kills attraction, learn to be socially savvy. Involve her friends in the interaction at least a little bit. If she’s at work, and you’re likely to approach her, make sure she isn’t busy helping customers and that her manager isn’t hovering around to keep an eye on her.

5. Classical “cold reading” technique is another one of the attraction switches. 

Use the cold reading technique to infer something interesting about her that you noticed. For instance you could say something like “ You have a rather easy going vibe and you strike me as someone who’s creative, probably does yoga likes to meditate in their spare time”.

It doesn’t have to be super logical, or even correct. Rather feel the vibe of the interaction and gage her personality, how quickly she speaks, her body language, the way she looks and what accessories she may wear. Is she very confident, does she seem like the sporty type or maybe a more laid back nature lover who is a tree hugger.

You should quickly analyze these things and just keep coming up with assumptions about her and keep making cold reads which then as she begins to reveal more about her you can turn into warm reads. These things are important attraction switches for daygame and you should use them with care to generate good attraction with women.

Select a couple of these attraction switches and play with them in your approaches. This will get you started with daygame attraction and help you move on.


Cheers daygamer, comment below if these 5 attraction switches helped you in your approaches.

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