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What's the Best Day Game Openers ?
What's the Best Day Game Openers ?

Day Game Openers are useless without Inner Game

 Day Game Openers
You should consider these 2 things when using Day Game Openers; Inner Game and Outcome. Simply put too many men focus on getting the delivery right and spot on, and delivering their opener for the sake of having the women give them a little bit of attention or time. 
Most men put so much emphasis on the woman's looks and put her on the pedestal that they forget who they are as an individual. Men forget that they have so much value to offer to the world and resources. 
They focus on the woman's looks as if it's somehow the only factor that matters during the interaction and as if getting the woman somehow makes you a better human being. F*CK that, the only thing that should matter to you during your initial approach is the fact that someone nice caught your eye and you took time out of your day to come meet her. You must realize there are some essentials you need to learn before you will become very comfortable in opening any woman you may across during Day Game or Club Game. Using Day Game openers is aligned with your Inner Game and ultimately the foundation for successfully approaching any woman anywhere. I will go over some essentials below. 
DayGame Openers are useless without inner game
DayGame Openers are useless without inner game

1) In absolute sense all you need to survive is Water, Food and Air. You don’t need sex or women. Look at Tibetan Monks, they made it through being celibate. You can too. Needs and wants are 2 different things like a Honda Civic and a Porshe. Nobody really needs a Porsche to get to work but they want it. Fundamentally speaking, you could get away with a Honda Civic taking you to work. Do you agree ? This is a mindset you need to adopt at this very moment as a fundamental brick in you Palace of Awesomeness.

2) Placing importance on the outcome. You’re there to see if you like the woman and find out if she even remotely suits your interests and passes your minimum standards. If your standards are non-existent, than you should get some or at least upgrade them. If you’re reading this and you’re looking to improve your dating life, than I assume you want more beautiful women in your life. Thus, understand what you’re looking for and don’t be one of those guys that says I just want a cute girlfriend that will make sandwiches in the morning and F*CK me at night. You’re not that guy, you’re a guy who deserves beautiful women coming to you and asking you ” Who are you ?” or ” I like your shirt and buying you gifts and bending over backwards to please you in every way because SHE WANTS to hold on to you.

3) You’re the prize. You have value and most often more so, than most beautiful models or good looking women ever will be able to offer you. My question to you is why are you giving away your value so easily? Stop giving it away and thinking that a woman’s look is somehow bigger than your value or it makes her a better person. A woman has her insecurities and problems and is far from perfect, despite being very good looking. Most of the time a women’s value is soo tightly bound to her looks that she doesn’t feel that she needs to contribute any effort into her personality or anything for that matter because she’s already good looking and life is made for her. Sadly men seem to conform to this belief and help women elevate to that level by treating them better or letting them get away with stuff more than they should if we’re talking in term of equality. 

P.S. I want to hear your best Day Game Opener, whether it’s direct or indirect. Comment below. 

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