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Day Game Approaching
Day Game Approaching

Building Foundations for Day Game Approaching

Building A Strong Foundational Mindset For Day Game Approaching

The main thing you have to focus first on if you’re building foundations for day game approaching is to create a supporting environment for yourself. If you are in the beginning stages and want to give Day Game Approaching a shot, the optimal way to start is to find someone who’s at your level and wants to try this stuff as well.

Another alternative to this is to find someone who is just a little bit better than you and can provide you with some feedback and mentoring. If you’re looking to achieve strong results fast that’s the way to go, but in the long run it is better to learn it by yourself. It’s important to learn it on your own because, you learn to entirely rely on yourself only to create a fun vibe inside your head and to be self-sufficient. This is how I started and this is how you can also, if you’re looking to be self-dependent in the future, because your wing will not always be around to encourage you. You also want to stay away from someone who is superior to you because it will discourage you from taking action, as you will feel very inadequate in your skill level, and just feel like you’re failing all the time.

When it comes to day game approaching and taking strong action towards building your foundations, it is better to find your inner strength by yourself than have someone cultivate it for you constantly through positive encouragement. The reason for this is that, you will constantly rely on someone else to give you that little bit of a push and if you learn to rely on that small bit of encouragement to take action, what’s going to happen if you’re by yourself? I’ll tell you what will happen. You will freeze and look for encouragement and without any support nearby, that situation will give you a discouraging feeling and you will miss out on a lot of opportunities wherever you happen to be without your wing.

Day Game Approaching
Day Game Approaching

I know it can be quite tough to start this off in the first place, as I remember it took me a month of wandering around trying to build up nerves to make day game approaching a reality for me. All you need is a small breakthrough or a push. Yes, it’s much better in the long run if you find strength within you that is independent of others to make that first approach, but sometimes a little bit of encouragement from a friend or your wingman is all that’s needed to get you rolling.

This is precisely why bootcamps were designed for people. They’re designed for the sole purpose of teaching you basics and providing you with a good reference or where you should be headed and what it should look like, but it’s not more than your first push towards your dream. You have to find inner strength to eventually start approaching without the support of others. That is an absolute must you have to cultivate inside your brain.

Start small, take the first step and just be proud that you made that first step in your journey, because you’re now a step closer to achieving mastery with day game approaching.


Cheers, leave me a story below about how you started with day game approaching.


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