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Effective Pick Up Artist Tips
Effective Pick Up Artist Tips

12 Shocking Pick Up Artist Tips for Daytime Approaching

12 Crazy Pick Up Artist Tips for Daytime Approaching That Simply Work


A lot of men get conscious over daytime approaching. It’s something we personally witness daily and writing a post about the 12 crazy pock up artist tips for daytime approaching is something we’ve been compiling for sometime. They always think about “isn’t it just weird and awkward to approach girls in daytime?” or “Aren’t they busy and will tell me to get lost?”

The truth about approaching girls in broad sunlight is that it is no different from doing a sales pitch or making friends with strangers in a bar. Au contraire, girls may react better to your approach than the night-time.

However, if you’re new to daygame and have no idea how to go ahead with it, following pick up artist tips might help you in becoming natural with asking girls out in the daytime.

Effective Pick Up Artist Tips
Effective Pick Up Artist Tips

Let’s Examine The 12 Pick Up Artist Tips for Daygame


  1. One of the most important pick up artist tips is that direct openers are much more important in daytime than the night, they are honest and right to the point and help to work your way quick in busy schedule of day life. The objective should be to make her feel comfortable and enjoy the interaction with you. Attraction building, sexual tension, Kino, etc. are actually optional here.
  2. First thing about approaching is to prepare yourself for cold reactions. How many times have you stopped in the middle of the road to listen to some stranger? You know it’s not being rude, instead they just don’t have time for you. Hence, it is very difficult to approach a moving target than a standing one as they are already engaged in something.
  3. You may use an opinion opener with a girl standing in a shop and browsing, but for a moving target you have to be more congruent.
  4. A good way to approach a moving target is: Make eye contact when she is a few meters away. Try to look curious as if you are about to ask something. Subtly lift your hand at waist height, palm facing towards her to signal stop.
  5. Do not wait until she is less than a meter away from you or else she will not stop. You should deliver the opener when there is enough distance between you two so she may stop before she could pass, but don’t be too quick about it.
  6. The attempt should be to try to get her to stop as you ask the opening question. If they are not stopping, try putting more energy next time or a little less. If they are not hooking, try to take the lead in conversations and be ready to transit to another question, observation or something else which may be more interesting to her.
  7. The number of daytime venues for approaching girls is large and what concerns you to differentiate them is the social pressure attached to a venue. Streets, cafes, bookstores, art galleries, workplaces or college campuses are the most common venues and a big factor attached to all of them is how many people can listen to you, i.e. the social pressure. Higher the social pressure, more uncomfortable a girl will be, hence take this as a three-fold task.
  8. First, be direct but not too blunt, tone down your approach a little, such as “That is an extraordinary watch, how are you doing?”. Secondly try to reflect your strong frame of feeling comfortable will help her to relax. And thirdly a good jest or any other attempt on making her laugh within the first thirty seconds will ease her into the situation and enjoy the conversation.
  9. Instead of asking too many personal questions which may make her feel like you are intruding, try to make conversational statements about her. Even if you are wrong, they always help in driving the conversation forward, for example “you give me the vibe of a creative girl who reads a lot”. Once you get it right and she is intrigued, you can consider using a slight tease like “So what brings Miss Creativity out into the world today?”
  10. Once she gets invested in telling you more about her life, subtly reduce your energy levels to make her feel like she needs to keep herself qualifying, but keep her guiding with little nods and expressions of approval.
  11. One of the biggest pick up artist tips is understanding that the structure of day game is lot simpler than at night. It can be stated as:                                         “Open–>Hook–>Connect–>Close”
  12. The objective of daytime approaching should be to make her “wet enough” so she wants to see you again. After your opener made her respond and hooked her to stop whatever she was doing and pay attention to you, you achieved a connection with bantering and comfortable conversation. It will not be hard to make a solid close. All you need is a reason to see each other again and exchange numbers. 

These pick up artist tips can help you outlining your approach but to succeed you need practice and be natural with them. But once you get there, there will be nothing to stop you achieve the girl of your dreams. Cheers!

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