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pick up artist tips
pick up artist tips

Crazy Pick Up Artist Tips That Work

These Pick Up Artist Tips Work


A pick up artist is someone who practices finding, attracting, and seducing sexual partners. Like everything else, not everyone is a natural when it comes to seduction, and yes, there are steps that you can undergo to make you better at it. Pick up artist training mostly involves just putting yourself out there and figuring out which techniques work best for you. Here, we will talk about the single most important thing when it comes to picking up women.

Pick Up Artist Tips – Your First Impression


Invariably, the first impression you make will play a huge role in whether or not she’s into you. Now, your first impression isn’t the first thing that comes out of your mouth, it’s what she sees when she looks at you out of the corner of her eye. With one look, she can tell whether or not you’re insecure, unhappy, not confident, unsociable, non-sexual, or shy. And if she sees any of those elements when she first catches a glimpse of you….it’s game over. There are various components that make up a woman’s first impression of you: body language, mood, appearance, and energy levels.

First thing to think about in your pick up artist training is body language. How you feel about your environment can very easily be translated into body language. You have to be comfortable with yourself when you head out to a bar or club, but you also have to be aware of how you look. It’s a process, so you might need some techniques to help you fake it until you make it. Most guys at bars or clubs don’t look very happy. They get drinks and stand in a group, checking out girls. This immediately generates a negative first impression.

One of the biggest pick up artist tips is that women would see a guy who’s:


  • Not interesting 
  • Not happy
  • Not enjoying the music or the atmosphere
  • On his way to being drunk


pick up artist
Pick up Artist Tips and Training

These Pick Up Artist Tips Will Help You Feel More Comfortable With Women


That’s what you should be trying to achieve (if you haven’t gotten there already) for the first part of your pick up artist training. So what should you do to stand out positively from all the other guys in the bar or club? First things first; you have to look like you’re having fun and that you’re happy to be in the environment. When you’re with your friends, be social! Face them and talk to them. Standing face to face, you can check out all the girls you want over the other guy’s shoulders.

The important thing here is that women see that you’re having fun, and that’s definitely more attractive than a couple of guys standing around doing nothing. Your mood is also a factor in this; if you genuinely feel good and are having fun, you’ll have a better chance at picking up women provided you follow the above pick up artist tips.

When you actually move onto talking to these women, remember to get your hands out of your pockets! Facial animation and gesturing when you’re speaking make it look like you’re having fun. Women will want to speak to someone who is fun-loving and sociable, not someone who isn’t having much fun with their friends and only wants to check women out.

For people who aren’t very comfortable with gesturing during conversation, this should be the next step in your pick up artist training. Something that will work to get you started is if you clasp your hands in front of you, bending your arms at the elbows. From there, you can throw in some hand gestures every now and then, it will become a habit in no time. People who are naturally comfortable with gesturing can find ways to work in casual touches on the upper arm, back, etc. These pick up arist tips should get you more comfortable with approaching women in those environments.

Pick Up Artist Tips That Work


A lot of guys tend to fidget when they’re just standing there, shifting their weight and moving their feet, playing with their hands, etc.. To fix this, you should remember to stand with your feet slightly wider than what is natural.

This might feel weird at first, but it will keep you grounded and keep you from shifting or moving your feet around. For your hands, you could try putting your thumb over your index and middle fingers and letting your hands fall to your sides. This removes the natural tendency to do something with your fingers. Also remember not to touch your face.  With your eyes, never look down! That conveys weakness. Soft, natural eye contact is what you should be aiming for. Try and follow these pick up artist tips to the “T” and you’ll improve your game drastically in no and have more women interested in you.

Another thing you might want to do is take up lots of space. When you’re standing, have a wide, confident stance and use hand gestures. When you’re dancing, move around the dance floor a lot, use big arm movements (but be careful not to knock anyone over).

Keep these pick up artist tips in mind when you get out of the house to begin your in-field pick up artist training and you’ll be well on the way to mastering the art of picking up women.

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