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Body Language Secrets
Body Language Secrets

Shocking 3 Body Language Secrets You Didn’t Know

 3 Body Language Secrets You Didn’t Know 

Top 3 Vital Body Language Secrets To Keep in Mind:  

In fact these secrets aren’t all that secretive in the first place. You’ve come across this, but I am sure you have failed to apply these basic principles many times. Learn your basics and you’ll be able to apply them well, to achieve excellent results with Daygame.

Body Language Secrets #1

Body Language Secrets
Body Language Secrets

You calibration is the real key. At all points in the set, you are keeping the fishing line at an optimal tension. Sometimes you need to pull by increasing the tension, while other times you need to let out some slack (push) to prevent the line from breaking. When do you do this? Catching a big fish requires you to keep it in that sweet spot, reacting to reel it all the way in. So it is with girls as well. Lay the tension onto her with sexual eyes to heat her up and then sense when it’s time to ease off back  into playful eyes or soft eyes. Then tighten the line again. Keep pushing and pulling her around with your eyes. It’s the perfection of combined mechanized warfare, every unit synchronized on land, sea, and air until you’ve invaded her bunker.

Body Language Secrets # 2 

Be dangerous, in a good sense of the word, meaning sexualize your eye contact to the max and then let go. Girls feel the strongest tingle of sexual attraction when they’re slightly frightened by the man. The defensive crouch is when her vagina will get wet. Where men experience fight and flight type response, women will experience appease-please or a tend-befriend response. Scaring her increases your chances of sleeping with her, because it makes her hornier and she takes you seriously. The only issue is how much to scare her and when.

Body Language Secrets # 3 

As a rule, don’t scare her until after the hook point. Before then, you are mostly playful and cocky so she doesn’t freak out, but she’s intrigued by your confidence. Then after laying the assumption stack on her and drawing her into conversation, she’s already put you into the “not a crazy street murderer” box in her mind. Keep this mindset and you will avoid the LJBF territory that most day-gamers fall into. You are a hunter. When you walk the streets you are scanning for the straggler from the herd, or conversely you are the Big Game Hunter tracking the dangerous prey (models and actresses). Let your game-face come on and put steel in your heart and eyes. You will take this girl and you will feel that real sexual tension comes, when you are standing in front of the girl chatting about nonsense while electricity crackles between you two. Your eye are locked and you both know how dirty it is, no matter what inane chatter passes between you two. That’s how you get the girl. 

These are your top 3 body language secrets you may have missed.

Cheers daygamer, and as always leave us some comments below.

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