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Body Language of Attraction
Body Language of Attraction

the Good, the Bad and the Ugly Body Language of Attraction

the Ugly Truth Behind Body Language of Attraction


The nature of daygame is to approach girls in situations where they can’t possible know anything about you other than what you display during the conversation. Daygame is a place where the battle field can be equalized. In this type of game you are competing on your well-practiced basics of body language of attraction, displayed through your charismatic value and strong frame control.

The Good in “Body Language of Attraction” –  You are competing on your own field. You’ve spent years developing precisely the social skills and artistry to attract and seduce a girl using nothing more than your physical presence and proper carefully orchestrated wordplay. Once you attain certain mastery and you’ve got your “in” with hot women, no amount of Ferraris, Lamborghinis, platinum yachts or records will ever matter again.

This is your golden consistent path to the endless world of fresh pussy every week of your life. Whether, that’s your goal in life or not, you should still understand that you must spend years honing your seduction skills to attain that level of mastery and consistency.

Body Language of Attraction
Body Language of Attraction

The Ugly in “Body Language of Attraction” – In the beginning she has no reason whatsoever to talk to you except the reasons you give her. You need that foot in the door, but you have to “hook her”. The earliest moment where she is trying to decide to hear you out or not, is when she knows the least about you and she is least invested. You know that you are a high value charismatic man, but she doesn’t know it just yet. You have to convey that through every detail of your one favorite “daygame stop” discussed in the Daygame Blueprint. This is essentially something that hijacks the female brain into stopping and it was invented this way to hijack her emotional programming to delay the dismissal just long enough for her to recognize the value and hook onto you as quickly as possible.

Cheeky Grin in Body Language of Attraction – Stop smiling like an idiot with full teeth, in a needy, seeking-approval type of way. This screams you’re a nice guy and throws your sexual value out the window and puts you into the beautiful beloved friend zone. Welcome to the “forever alone” zone of friendship that you will never escape until you begin to project your masculinity and sexual threat value and imprint it on the girl. Trust me, they feel it regardless whether they want to or not, when you project your alpha sexual value. It’s in their nature and biology to feel deep attraction for you, if you display these characteristics. Women are hard-wired to seek out sexually dominant males who will take good care of their emotions. This is the glitch in the matrix when it comes to women and you must master it to become the king of fresh pussy land.

Sexual Intensity is key in Body Language of Attraction –  Start strong from the beginning with a cheeky grin on your face. Sexualize the conversation after she tells you some insights about her. Let your vibe carry out sexual intensity as a knowing grin. As the conversation develops, your sexual mindset will present teases, challenges, and double-entendres automatically. If she’s on her way to the gym say something like “So you like to get hot and sweaty. In public too! “ with a grin on your face and strong piercing eye contact. Don’t laugh it off, it’s not a joke. This line communicates sexual intensity and value rather than a nice guy saying “ It’s nice to stay in shape”

Cheers daygamer, Leave me comments below about the topic of body language of attraction.

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