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Body Language Attraction Principles
Body Language Attraction Principles

3 Body Language Attraction Principles to Get the Girl

 3 Advanced Body Language Attraction Principles


The undeniable truth about developing body language attraction is that when you’re new to the game, your first couple of years approaching girls, processing feedback, straightening out your inner game, and so on, will lead to a deep-level identity change. However, your first 1500 approaches you don’t really have charismatic value just yet and your game is a bit of a pretense. At this point your game is just a value hologram instead of a real authentic thing.

When you get all your issues sorted out, work on strong projecting body language attraction, work on your authentic value, inner game fixes and get a better lifestyle in place, Daygame becomes an efficient Value Delivery Mechanism. The model is just an efficient way of channeling the authentic you in a shortest possible time frame. The street stop discussed in the Daygame Blueprint is designed to short-circuit her emotional mechanisms and it’s an excellent way to communicate your value early on.

Body language attraction is not achieved over one night of an RSD boot camp or reading a couple body language pdfs talking about strong body language attraction. That’s a good way to start, but you should focus on mastering the following 5 aspects of daygame: Eye contact, vocal tone, cheeky grin, masculine body language and sexual intensity. Let’s cover 3.

Body Language Attraction Principles
Body Language Attraction Principles

1. Eye contact – Learn to project hard dominance through your eyes, by putting fire into your eyes and making her react to you emotionally. Fix her with your eye contact and put the pressure on and off by riding the wave of emotions throughout the interaction. From the start you should fix her with your strong eye contact, until the hook point and then slightly release it as she invests more and more into the interaction. She will feel the fixed eye contact and you projecting your sexual value through your eyes and into her soul. Look deep and “through” her eyes into her soul by projecting your sexual thoughts and impressing them onto her.

2. Vocal Tone – Keep a steady, low pitch tone without inflecting your speech at the end of your sentences. This creates a dominance effect of masculinity. It projects “ I’m here to fuck you silly girl, and I will have you any way I want ” mentality. Your vocal tone triggers an emotional response in her and makes her wet. Strong speech, that’s non-reactive to her tests is always a turn-on for her. Avoid talking too fast, too high-pitched, too much inflection on sentence endings, and not leaving a room for silence is another attraction killer. Fixing these basics will have her more invested in the interaction as it progresses further. More investment means less chance of flaking.

3. Masculine Body Language – This type of body language is you projecting your physical dominance onto her through little sub-communications of sexual presence. If she’s on her way to the gym you could combine this with a verbal cue like “ You must be very flexible “. Don’t make it into a joke or laugh it off because you don’t want to make it awkward. In reality it would be more awkward if you laugh it off, or make it into a joke, because you’re not comfortable with your own sexuality and she feels it. Keep a slightly serious tone to it, and let her know through your strong physical presence that it’s on and you want her. Don’t forget to lead her during the interaction by taking her hand and saying “ Let’s go to XYZ now “.

Also, don’t pretend to be more confident than you might be. Vulnerability is hotter than a pretentious act of confidence. Work on improving your natural charismatic value. Straight forward posture, while your head and shoulders are relaxed. There is a little bit of true natural light and a little bit of a dominant energy coursing through your veins that you can tap into and bring out into the real world when you talk to her.

Cheers and as always comment below on body language attraction experiences you’ve had.

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