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Open Girls
Open Girls

Do You Follow These 7 Steps Before You Open Girls?

The Best Way to Open Girls Using Proper Target Acquisition


Are you stuck endlessly approaching and looking for the best ways to open girls? This is a common problem that many guys experience when going out during daygame or trying to open girls. They put so much focus on how to open girls with the perfect opener that they skip over the initial phase of proper target acquisition. They also tend to forget about the basic concepts of inner game.

“ Golden Rule: You Should Only Approach Girls Whom You Feel Deep Attraction For In Your Blood “

  1. Determine what type of girls you like before you begin to open girls. You have to make this a priority before focusing on anything else. This is a basic fundamental aspect of your game that you have to get right.
  2. You have something called a trigger point. Develop your intuition, eye scanning ability and when you see your type of girl, you will be 100% decisive and you won’t think about it twice. There won’t be excuses or problems. It’s just going to be pure action. Nothing less, nothing more. It’s just 100% animalistic instinct taking over and you go.
    Open Girls
    Open Girls With Strong Inner Game
  3. This helps you with inner game development and doesn’t allow you to be overwhelmed by the sheer volume of gorgeous women walking past you on daily basis wherever you happen to be.
  4. You feel like a selector because you have certain standards. If they’re too high and unrealistic like you only approach 9s or 10s and only date Victoria Secret models with Phds than you should lower them to something more believable. Having no standards or too little will cause you to struggle with qualification and making the women feel special. When you open girls, they will feel like you actually chose them for who she is because you actually did.
  5. You can quickly screen out girls who are bad for you.
  6. You can slowly refine your personalized game style to suit it for the types of girl, and this will allow you to become more effective at getting them.
  7. Clear out the unnecessary garbage (inner game) from your brain to help you strengthen your opener when you approach and open girls.

This is all you need to know daygamer, and as per usual leave me some comments below.



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