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DayGame Approach is best because it shows authenticity
DayGame Approach is best because it shows authenticity

(DayGame) Best Way of Picking Women Up is with DayGame.

Best Way of Picking Women Up is not at Clubs, But with DayGame.

Let’s talk DayGame. The idea of DayGame was invented shortly after people realized how many beautiful women don’t go to bars and clubs. Ask yourself for a second, how many beautiful women do you see walking past you in a mall, coffee shop, on the street, college campus and just about anywhere you are during day? I bet you it’s in the hundreds and out of those women how many are you approaching or missing out on?

The PUA seduction community has evolved into an art form, rather than just books that provide tips for picking up girls. The PUA community now runs DayGame Weekend Boot Camps, release home study courses, public videos of live pick ups on the street or clubs. The PUA community is constantly growing in it’s methods and refining them. Game was born in Toronto, Canada. It’s roots date far back to a name many people now know of, Mystery who coined the term Mystery Method.

Since that time the community has evolved into something far greater and DayGame was born. Meeting women during day is now considered to be a superior method. It is relatively new and here is why you should consider learning DayGame, whether you’re starting out or a PUA who’s been around in clubs picking up and getting numbers and taking women home the same night. 

Approach women with DayGame1) Number of flakes is tremendously decreased. Numbers don’t lie, you can ask any decent PUA, who’s done both DayGame and Club Game about their flake rate. In talking to them you will see some guys who completely left the night scene because they realized all the reasons below far outweigh the Night Scene.

2) Women are not expecting to be hit on during the day. A women’s guard or what the PUA community commonly refers to as the Bitch Shield is down. Women are in a completely different mind frame when going about their business while shopping.

3) They find your approach to be genuine and you’re interested in her rather than just tying to take her home the same night. They’re in a completely different mindset and absolutely love to be approached during day.

4) Quality of women during day is far superior than at a club. You don’t have to deal with women who are gold digger types, unresponsive types, bitchy or are there just to gain validation because their boyfriend recently cheated on them or left them. Women gain validation through attention while men get it through sex, so a girl who’s a 10 at a club, she’s simply there for attention seeking purposes to regain her self-esteem or increase her self-belief and confidence has no intention of following through with anyone or anything.

5) Save your money on getting a booth, buying girls drinks, buying yourself drinks, spending 100s $ on alcohol, trying to get people to come to your party. Organizing parties, trying to maintain a good vibe, paying parking fees, dealing with a ton of SHIT you shouldn’t have to deal with, but you put up with it regardless.

6) Less competition. Think about it, at a bar you’re competing with the whole bar full of drunk dudes with shitty game and by the time you end up approaching her (being the 15th guy that night) she’s so fed up with horrible approaches all night long that you essentially have to have amazingly tight game to pull anything out of that situation.

7) Save your time and energy. Spending so much money on trying to get laid at a club is useless and not efficient. If you’re that guy who’s doing this and you’re reading this please stop and save your self the trouble. Trust me, I’ve been there and done that and it’s a waste of time. It’s probable you ended up hooking up with a couple of those but it’s so far from where you could be with DayGame.

8) No need to deal with crazy friends, drunkenness, yell over loud music and loose your voice.   Well that’s self explanatory.


P.S. Please comment below, I want to hear your thoughts and experiences.

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