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The Best Pick Up Artist Books
The Best Pick Up Artist Books

Top Rated Best Pick Up Artist Books

Some of the Best Pick Up Artist Books


A lot of information about picking up women can be found on the internet. However, many men still prefer the good old pick up artist book. The good news is that there are dozens of books on seduction, attraction building, self-improvement and dominant thinking. As a matter of fact, pick up artistry has over the past decade or so become among the most sought after literature genres in existence. All in all, it is important to look at the current pick up artist book collection before eventually buying one. Below is a look at some of the best pick up artist books.


The Natural by Richard La Ruina


This book offers an insightful look into Richard La Ruina, one of the best pick up artists in the world. Just like that of many others before him, his journey takes him from humble beginnings while in Cambridge to travels around the world. He has gone around the world assisting men with women, while showing them his own tried-and-tested techniques of seducing ladies. The Natural is actually Richard’s second book and provides advice about life after seducing women by their hundreds. It helps an upcoming pick up artist understand the female mind better, while showing new techniques that the author has picked since he wrote the first book. The reader will learn advanced techniques of seduction that can be successfully applied in picking up the world’s most beautiful women. These are the same techniques that the author uses to build a strong connection with women in minutes.

The Best Pick Up Artist Books
The Best Pick Up Artist Books


The Game by Neil Strauss

This book took the pickup artist community by storm after telling such an awesome and engaging story. It went to the top of the bestseller lists after helping out men from all over the world who had not been make any progress with attracting women. It struck a chord with men who wanted more out of life with ladies. At one point, Neil Strauss was voted the best pick up artist in the world due to this book. Readers get to learn the basics of becoming a pick up artist. There is also advice on using mind gimmicks and tricks to get better with women as well as proven stories that captivate them.


The Art of Seduction by Robert Greene


Robert Green, who is a world renowned author, may not be a pick up artist or a seducer. However, he is quite an analytical person who studies behavior patterns and why individuals do what they do. This book is a rather fascinating collection of quotes, theories and short stories. It teaches the reader the reasons women are attracted to men and why some men offer an irresistible charm to women. Anyone interested in finding out why some men have more success with women than others and how seduction works should get this book.


The Best Pick Up Artist Books


Erik Von Markovik’s The Mystery Method


Erik Von Markovik is considered the founding father of the pickup artistry community. He is the person who started it all and came up with the earliest collection of techniques and theories that were them molded into what is revealed in this book. Readers get to learn the mystery method model that has been under development for several years and then tested on hundreds of women. The book is a step-by-step guide to seducing women, from approach to close. Von Markovik has been through a lot from where he began up to where he is now. Given that he now has a decent following of royal fans, this means the theories in his books actually work.


Mystery Method
Mystery Method
The Lay Guide by Tony Clink


The author of this straight talking book is a self confessed pick up artist. It shows the reader the fast-paced personalities of men who pick up and go to bed with thousands of women. It explores the kind of things women look for in any man as well as what they actually respond to at quite a basic psychological level. The book has proven techniques and theories that are effective with different types of men’s personalities. It does what its cover says if the reader follows the outlined rules. It was created from several forum postings and notes by the author, ending up as a bestseller book. It is definitely among the best literature in the pickup artistry genre.

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