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Attraction Switches in Women
Attraction Switches in Women

Top 3 Attraction Switches in Women for Daygame

One of the most important attraction switches in women for daygame is Complimenting

1.The main idea behind using a compliment is it has to come from a natural, authentic mind frame. That means if you’re not interested in a girl and you approach her just for the sake of racking up approaches or because you think this might be an easy lay, it will never work. The girl may stay there and talk to you but ultimately she will never fuck you because she can sense you’re not genuine with your compliment. It’s important not to over do the compliment and it should be delivered without expectation of reciprocation.

When you’re using attraction switches in women like this one to form a connection, you have to understand that you must deliver your compliment as a relaxed, laid back half-way cool man that doesn’t push too hard but goes after what he wants. This type of man can walk away at any point without feeling regret because he has an abundance mentality. Thus his delivery is sort of like fishing, he throws the bait and hopes that he can “catch the fish” if the fish doesn’t bite, he tries again with a different bait or moves on to another location. It’s as simple as that.

Another part of flipping attraction switches in women “on” is to consider Gentle Teasing.

2. This is a really cool concept and if used properly, you could flip the switch “on” instantly.  Attraction switches in women have to be constantly turned “on” and “off”. What do I mean by this? You’ve done a gentle tease like this “I was just over there [point] and I thought to myself why did I notice her, out of all the girls. Obviously you’re cute but it’s not that. Then I walked over and it hit me, you’re dressed weird ”.

Attraction Switches in Women
Attraction Switches in Women

This is something that breaks rapport slightly and you are challenging her on the spot by teasing her gently. Use easier words on less hot girls and more prominent teases like “you’re dressed weird” for the 10s. When you “turn off” attraction by being challenging and making the girl feel like you’re pulling away by acting aloof, (slight disinterest) she may begin to feel that you’re loosing interest in her and start acting differently, as in trying to win your validation back over.

This must be done in a subtle way, and not making it seem like a big deal is a good way to go about it, otherwise she will sense that you’re “trying” to manipulate the interaction which may kill attraction all together. Gentle teasing takes time to master so don’t be too hard on yourself if you screw it up a couple times before you start to successfully use attraction switches in women like this one more consistently.

The third part of attraction switches in women is to consider in Daygame is Humor.

3. Telling a funny story about your skiing accident, or a birthday clown party gone wrong should be one of your essentials in your tool box known as “attraction switches in women”. Learning about attraction for women is a great thing, but you must remember that you have to consistently apply this to make it work.

This is just some theory that you read in a textbook and forgot about one day. This has to become your habit. If you’re not funny right now in any way, then start working on it. Make fun of anything you can think off and don’t force it, rather let it come naturally to you.

As always, leave me some comments below or ask me questions about attraction switches in women.


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