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Daygame Openers
Daygame Openers

Advanced Structure For The Best Openers in Daygame

Advanced Structure For The Best Openers in Daygame


These advanced or “best openers” are targeted towards a very specific type of girl in daygame. It’s important to understand there is no such thing as the best openers in daygame. There are better and worse ways to start a conversation but it’s a very small aspect of game that so many people are giving so much attention and it’s somewhat unexplainable why there is so much obsession about it.

However I’d still like to get into the more advanced structure behind “the best openers in daygame” that I think will be of interest to you. It’s important to note that these are designed for the top girls who are 8.5+, and as much as I hate rating women, this puts a nice perspective into your head. A girl who is an 8.5+ has a lot going for her; like a lot of guys orbiting her consistently, constant validation about her looks from everyone on Facebook, Instagram, and other facets of society. She has a few hobbies, a good job or career and has a relatively busy lifestyle and a large social circle. She can replace a man quickly enough so she’s not worried because even when she’s “settled in” offers still continue to poor in from betas and occasional alphas that peak her interest levels. If they didn’t, she would loose her mind the very next day, because her reality would fall apart immediately. Yeah their frame is weak without constant validation, so use this information to your advantage.

Generally this is the advanced structure you want to follow with girls of such a caliber:

Here is the magical formula: Salutation + Pre-Frame Tease + Root + Observation+ Compliment + Gentle Tease + Pause + Early Qualification 

When you’re looking to use the best openers in daygame consider the following:

Best Openers in DayGame for Top Girls
Best Openers in DayGame for Top Girls

0.  Salutation: “Hi’ or “Excuse me” is a fundemental part of your arsenal of well constructed “best openers” that you can use at anytime.

  1. Pre-Frame Tease: “I just have to say something to you” “ How good is your english on a scale of 1 to 10 ? ”I don’t mean to be rude, this is actually a compliment, but..
  2. Root: Just look at the reality of the situation and then verbally describe it. It could be a strange situation like you getting off the train so you could use a root like “ I don’t normally get off trains to talk to girls, but…
  3. Communicate with your core when giving her a compliment. It’s important to deliver it early on to give a good happy vibe and she feels that positive energy. This will make her feel like she has to stop and offer a little value back. Basic principle of human reciprocity here.
  4. Gentle Tease is playful and it indicates that she hasn’t won you over yet. She is not on a pedestal and you have the balls to talk like this. Most importantly you’re not scared of fending her off and letting her walk on with her life. Most guys give a compliment and validate too much and chase, chase and chase. Women are hard wired to chase the alpha male and we attracted to him. The desperate betas are serving themselves up on a plate like easy pickings. It’s no challenge and you should not deny her the nature of chasing you to the max. “ You dress weird “
  5. Early Qualification includes the delivery of the tease and “Shutting up”. Let the silences settle in and create that dramatic feel. Just stand there looking at her with a playful smirk and strong vacuum eyes. You are no sub-communicating to her that you’ve said your piece and it’s her turn to respond. You are thus taking advantage of the scripted politeness and you are telling that I realize this is how a polite conversation goes. She will feel extremely rude at blowing you off with a tut and walking away. Most of the time the girls will fill the silence by laughing by graciously accepting your compliment and then trying to close the loop on your tease. Usually the latter will be some mild qualification. For example if you complimented her fashion but teased her shoes she’ll probably express mock outrage and tell you her shoes are cool and everyone else like them. If you complimented her walk but teased her serious facial expression she’ll tell you she’s actually a nice girl but is on her way to work so she’s a bit apprehensive. Whatever, you’ll usually get her jumping through a hoop for you right from the beginning. If she really takes the bait and is laughing then you should continue working the tease. Expand on it, amp it up, question her. Anything to keep it running and it’ll stack you towards vibing.

What are your best openers ?

Tell us your best openers in daygame that you’ve used on ultra hot girls.

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