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The Truth Behind Pickup Artist Books
The Truth Behind Pickup Artist Books

The Absolute Truth Behind Pickup Artist Books

The Absolute Truth Behind Pickup Artist Books


Over the past few years, perfecting the art of picking up women is a skill sought after by many men. For seducers, it is all about self-improvement rather than just meeting women. Pick up artists books have various styles on the best ways to meet women, seduce and romance them. These styles can be found on the internet as well as in books. Since books are more detailed and written by serious authors, they are a great source of information for upcoming pick up artists. This article looks at some notable pickup artist books.

The Red Queen: Sex and the Evolution of Human Nature is a book by Matt Ridley – covers the instinctual and basic needs of women and men to procreate. It is mentioned by Neil Strauss, one of the top pick up artists in the world, in his book The Game. Strauss praises it as being vital in understanding the social dynamics of men and women. There may not be much in it that covers pick up techniques, while the reading is somewhat more technical. All in all, The Red Queen will be interesting for those who want to know the basic evolutionary and biological need that men have in finding partners.

Absolute Truth of Pickup Artist Books
The Absolute Truth Behind Pickup Artist Books

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The System is a book by Roy Valentine that brings up both sides of the coin for women and men. It looks at various subjects ranging from non-verbal communication, body language and eye contact to approaching women without using canned openers. Some men have been in a situation whereby they had no idea what to say to a woman they have just gotten a number from. Sometimes, the earliest communications and first texts are important, with a single miscalculation causing an upcoming pick up artist to be dismissed.

This is where The Ultimate Guide to Text and Phone Game, a book by Braddock, becomes useful. It offers advice for those being flaked out by women, or do not know when to send the first SMS and what to say. The book is vital for any male looking to move from the step where he gets a number to actually getting a date.

Derek Cajun is a Canadian pick up artist who decided to share his experiences with others. This spurred him to write a book titled The Gentleman’s Guide to Online Dating. Nowadays, people no longer meet each other only in person. Most upcoming pick up artists have at least once in their lives tried online dating. Canjun’s book offers guidance on how to use the internet and social media to pick up ladies. 

More On the Absolute Best Pick Up Artist Books 

Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion is a book by Robert B. Cialdini that sheds light on the factors that cause an individual to like another one. Caldini breaks down his techniques that he believes results in compliance. Some of the techniques that he explores include commitment, reciprocation, liking, social proof, scarcity and authority. The book is simply written, with each chapter filled with intriguing examples of the way each principle can be applied. It is one of the ideal pickup artist books for beginners who are still new to the game.

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