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About The Daygame

The Daygame instructors truly live by every philosophy and foundation you see across all of our content. We give you a strong inner-game mindset and put you on the right track for success immediately, by demonstrating what daygame should look like live infield.

We will give you a strong direction and give you the cutting edge tools you can use immediately to succeed in your daytime pick up. We deliver one of the highest quality instructions backed by years of infield daygame pickup.

We teach you the basic aspects of theory, and get you started practising the same day. We aim to provide you with future support so you can continue to grow your daygame skills constantly avoiding long period of no progress. 

We want you to achieve that same level of mastery with your dating and daygame achievements that we have over the last 5 years of our cold approach pick up during the day.

The Daygame Philosophy

At The Daygame our philosophy is to focus on unleashing your inner best self and incorporating that into your natural game flow. You already know game and our job is not to teach you gimmicks or PUA routines, but to help you get rid of inner self-limiting beliefs that are holding you back from achieving your truly unique Daygame experience.

We don’t have the latest Daygame trick or formula that will get you the girl of your dreams from your first approach or the “best techniques” that other PUA companies may offer you. We simply teach you natural mindsets that help you achieve a consistent Mastery Level even if you’re just starting out. We will point out your inner-game flaws, errors and give you a good sense of direction of where you can be in 6-12 months.

We focus on the natural flow and authenticity of the interactions in your Daygame approach because it works. However, we only accept students that truly want to get good and are willing to put in the time and effort in getting good with women while improving your Daygame approach daily.

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