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a woman is
a woman is

A Woman Is

A Woman Is…

A woman is your biggest nightmare and your biggest joy.

A woman is a classical mystery murder novel without an ending.

A woman is a universal free flowing energy waiting for direction.

A woman is an empty vessel of chaos waiting to come alive through a man.
A woman will hate you and love you simultaneously.

A woman is a free caring soul waiting for someone to unleash her inner child.

A woman loves boundaries because she wants to cross them.

A woman craves your attention and validation so she can feel beautiful.

A woman prefers the fairy tale white lie, over realistic truth.

A woman thrives being in state of the unknown.

A woman will care for you more if you ignore her.

a woman is
A Woman Is

A woman continuously strives to be independent, but lives in the state of constant dependency.

A woman’s highly emotional mind hopelessly seeks out reasoning to no avail.

A woman’s mind wants you to feed her obsessive, compulsive addictions like hardcore cocaine.

A woman wants to obsess over you and have her mind pre-occupied with useless fantasy scenarios.

A woman wants you to be the calm inside her chaotic shit storm.

A woman wants you to take over her world and seize the moment so her world comes to a hault.

A woman wants a deep connection without responsibility.

A woman often behaves in a psychopathic manner, because men go along with it.

A woman gets away with it because she understands the deeper level of behavior.

A woman wants you to succeed in seducing her so she can feel like a winner, because she got you.

A woman will blame it on you regardless of the matter, just accept it.

A woman wants you to continuously lead the way so she can embrace her true feminine nature.

A woman will often play the game, and beat you 9 out of 10 times, so play the opponent.

A woman accepts her flaws and hates being pedestaled for no reason.

A woman will always construct an elaborate reality to favor her and come out clean regardless how dirty she plays the game.

A woman will fall in love with you and wake up the next day with her bags packed ready to leave you for another.

A woman will fuck you for validation and attention even if it doesn’t benefit her directly.

A woman can inspire you to conquer the world or make you the most miserable man in the world.

A woman refuses to make you a better man subconsciously, because she wants to hold on to you.

A woman will chase you if you provide her the opportunity, so allow her.

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