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strong day game pua
strong day game pua

A Day Game PUA Uses These 3 Crazy Vibing Techniques

Why Does a Newbie Day Game PUA Fail in the Vibing Phase Sometimes? 

Once you’ve hooked the girl, your goal is to slowly drift away from any kind of structured communication and stop trying to bring anymore value to the interaction. That’s overly gamey and does more harm than good. Realize when you have to stop.

A strong day game PUA thinks of his first 60 seconds as a pre-planned “assault” on a beach to establish your presence there. Now that you’ve established yourself, you can focus on simply channeling your value through a more conventional means.

strong day game pua
strong day game pua

Keep on topic and avoid jumping around between different topics. This is extremely important and most guys get this part wrong. Don’t derail the train of the conversation, and stay on topic as much as possible. Display genuine enthusiasm about the topic but channel it in ways that satisfy your interest. This is the part where you embrace the free-flowing spirit of the conversation and stay 100% in the moment. Free up your intuition to read her signals that will help you nudge yourself in the right direction. Avoid patterned conversations.

Feel the strength of her hook. This comes from experience while day-gaming, but you have to judge this element on the following behavior: She may drop her animation levels or become less enthusiastic. If this happens, then you should throw in a “push technique” in there. What does that mean?

Throw in occasional light challenges, but don’t accept everything she says. If you happen to disagree with her on something don’t pretend to agree. Tell her you’re disagreeing on something. This creates a nice feel of polarity which causes friction and ultimately “re-spikes” attraction and strengthens the hook. Artfully disagree, but don’t make it into an argument. You could say something along the lines of “Why do you think that is?” or “ Yeah, it sounds like another another boring thing to do, don’t you agree? 

Light teasing and spreading them out here and there. Frame it all in a playful, fun way and avoid making this into a “neg” of some sort. A tease and a neg are very different things. Don’t confuse teasing with negging a girl.

Now, when the girl has hooked strong enough, you can ease the tension. Remember, you should electrify her world with a fun, happy vibe because you’re that shiny thing that she’s been craving for weeks, but at the same time establish boundaries and provoke her to cross them. Impose your masculine side and let her carefree femininity come out and release itself so she disappears in the moment.

This is the ultimate deeper level of the vibing phase a strong day game pua should strive for in every interaction.

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