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PUA Day Game Attraction
PUA Day Game Attraction

9 PUA Day Game Attraction Signs That Say She’s Into You

Day Game Attraction Signs You Must Be Familiar With To Read Her


A lot of these Day Game Attraction Signs or vibes that women give off during your interaction tend to be subconscious on her part. Women don’t know they are doing these at all, but it’s just a natural tendency to engage with these behaviors when they are attracted to a man.

  1. The one classical and obvious day game attraction sign you may come across is hair touching. This is the one that you will recognize the most in your interactions and it’s a definite green light to escalate the interaction further. A woman may play with, flick, twirl, touch, fix her hair continuously or randomly during your interaction with her. It’s a classical PUA daygame attraction sign you will see a lot in your pick ups.
  2. Another obvious one is when a woman is crossing her legs and faces you with her body language fully. If you’re talking to her past the 3rd minute and she’s crossed her legs, it means she’s interested in what you have to say and she’s staying in the interaction by giving you her full body language attention. Generally a semi confident girl will also have fixed eye contact as well when she’s crossed her legs.
  3. Pupil dilation or eyes widening that have a “spark”. Very skilled players will notice this tiny detail or change in her facial expression. This means your sexual vibe is strong and your job is done in terms of communicating your sexual presence to her and your intention. Her buying temperature is there and you can escalate physically and verbally further. Don’t forget to continue sustaining these day game attraction levels throughout the interaction.
    PUA Day game Attraction
    PUA Day game Attraction
  4. Touching her shoulder or fixing her scarf or other accessories. Whenever you notice this, it means basic attraction and interest from her is now there. It’s not sexual, but just a broadly interested type of attraction. She now sees you as a potential someone to go on a date with in some future. She’s slightly unsure of her self at this point because her emotions react to your vibe which is dominant and confident. This creates a feeling of inadequacy in her and she has to make sure, that she can make up for it by fixing her self, her accessories, and make sure she’s up to par to match your value. Women’s looks are closely tied to their value and for her to match your value she has to “look the part”. In her mind if she’s looking the part, than her value matches yours. It’s subconscious, but that’s how it works.
  5. Fixing eye contact with you and looking away periodically, like she is feeling your “sexual presence” or energy and shyly looking way because she felt the dominant presence and intense burning energy. Confident girls will do this more so than shy girls. Use your laser eye contact to “burn through her eyes” and penetrate her mind with your eyes by projecting your dominance through strong, fixed eye contact. This is slightly intimidating to them, but a very confident and smart way to use this as a day game attraction switch.
  6. Staying in conversation past 3-5 minutes. Many guys try to hard to get a woman to stay in conversation for too long and then worry that she won’t stay past a certain point and screw it up badly by coming across as too eager. Relax man, if she’s still talking to you after the 4th minute, as a general rule not to be taken so
    PUA Day Game Attraction
    PUA Day Game Attraction Signs Explained
  7. Rapidly blinking eye lashes in an unnatural flirty way (shy girls do this sometimes to show they’re flirting). This one is more rare but a day game attraction sign of girl displaying interest. This one is seen more so in girls who are shy or have trouble expressing their true emotional state or desire.
  8. Asking personal questions about your family, age, work, hobbies or other comfort building questions. These are qualification questions on her part and come form a place of interest. She’s interested now and you’ve reached the end of your day game attraction stage and now you can move on to comfort building questions that reciprocate her interest levels.
  9. Continuous laughter on her part means you’ve done your day game attraction stuff properly and she’s into you. Keep going, but don’t turn it into a spectacle where you’re there to entertain her and simply make her laugh. You get a few laughs and move on, otherwise she won’t see you as more than just a guy who made her laugh.

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