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Daytime Approaching
Daytime Approaching

6 Reasons Why Daytime Approaching Destroys Every Other Type of Game (+infield)

6 Reasons Why Daytime Approaching Destroys Every Other Type of Game

The first reason to try daygame is that you see the same hot women walking around that you would also find in a bar, but you’re faced with drastically less competition and your chance of “getting the girl” if you will, increase exponentially. The girl is sober, and it’s the real deal here. You see exactly what you get without all the glamour and make up and you can build a real authentic connection with the girl during the day given your approach is sharp and on point.

You can just build a real authentic connection and get to know the girl in a normal non-crazy obnoxious environment.

The second reason to try daytime approaching is, you don’t have to deal with obnoxious cock-blocking friends like you would at a bar or any nightclub, who also want you, but if they’re not getting any, neither is anyone else. With daygame, you really don’t have to do anything crazy like isolating the girl from the group so you can speak to her privately without the social pressure of the entire group on her. You can simply stop her on the street and talk to her, as she’s most likely alone during the day just going about her day, shopping or taking a walk.

Now, onto my favorite third reason, and that is: it’s cost-effective! You really don’t have to spend money on buying yourself drinks or anyone else, paying cover at the door, getting champagne bottles, organizing a crew of people to go out with, finding wings to go out with, or any other non-sensical spends that would happen if you go out at night to a lounge, club or any bar.

Moving onto the fourth reason to try daygame and that is – girls don’t expect it like they would in a night time venue and their defenses are down. You really don’t have to use any “negging theory” techniques here or do any magic tricks or impress her with your routines, fireworks or a fake rolex.

Now the 5th, most important reason to try daytime approaching is: realizing the fact that you can approach as many women as you like, because the city is basically your playground if you will. Instead of being closed in a crammed nightclub venue, competing with hundreds of guys for the same 10 beautiful women, in a venue with horrible social conditions, you can avoid that and approach any woman you like on the street, coffee shop, mall or any other place open during the day.

On top of all this, the 6th biggest reason for you to consider daytime approaching is the fact that getting numbers from daytime approaching tends to lead to more dates and less flakiness. You do stand out from the crowd of guys who’ve been hitting on her endlessly and because women are in a different mindset during the day, they immediately acknowledge your confidence and your bold approach so once you manage to get the number, you get a pretty good shot at a date with her.     

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