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4 Weird Stereotypes a Strong Day Game PUA Uses
4 Weird Stereotypes a Strong Day Game PUA Uses

4 Weird Stereotypes a Strong Day Game PUA Uses Daily

4 Weird Stereotypes a Day Game PUA Uses Daily

There are many ways to get a girl’s number during day, but a strong day dame pua will use these 4 techniques that we’re about to discuss with you.

The first technique is to put her in the box she doesn’t want to be in. Then, you focus on letting her expand effort (investment, qualification) to climb back out of it. Then put her into another box. Recycle this a few times until she’s invested enough for you to continue your power play.

You want to look for ways to banter with her and playfully frame the interaction according to her stereotypes and mildly unflattering characterizations. Next step is to relax and watch her try to fight back. You’ll notice girls rarely start framing you. Only the true 10s might be able to hold their frame in this kind of interaction and reframe you, but it’s ultimately quite rare. Don’t sweat it, and impose your frame hard.

Since the girl is busy defending herself and attempting to maintain her value, she will gladly try to climb out of the box and seek validation on your part. Let’s look at some real stereotypical examples.

As you start the conversation with an opener based on style/occupation/activity then your assumption story will reflect that.

4 Weird Stereotypes a Strong Day Game PUA Uses
4 Weird Stereotypes a Strong Day Game PUA Uses

A strong day game pua will say something like this to a girl in a hurry: 

“I can imagine you’re on your way to save the world. Superwoman on a mission to save the starving children and cure cancer. I can totally see it, there is an office full slowly descending into chaos and slipping into anarchy. Kids are misbehaving, girls misbehaving over guys, cars going crazy…but then you show up with a look of disgust to bring peace.

A smart day game pua will ultimately use this type of frame on a business girl: 

“My guess is you’re probably of to spend all day in meetings, serious faced, up right posture, nodding and writing on Powerpoint…and all the while your thumb tapping into some messenger App on your iPhone, gossiping with your girlfriend.“

Another sneaky power play a clever day game pua uses this frame on a dreamy girl:

“Your life must be one charming daydream as your feet are pounding the city streets, bright lights in your eyes, your head in the clouds. And at this moment as I’m speaking you have rainbows and unicorns frolicking through endless fields of sunflowers. You’re just young and free, living alongside Alice in Wonderland. “

Last, but not least. This stereotype is often used by a day game pua who mainly deals with Westernized women that live in a strong feminist society.

We introduce to you the proud girl frame: 

“You Seem extremely determined, driven and proud. Eyes always forward afraid to look behind at your past, because you’ll see that path of destruction. Men and women sitting dazed on the ground, head’s spinning, knocked over by your strong feminist aura. You should really be careful, you don’t know your own power. “

Congratulations, if you say this with the right tonality and frame control, you’ll reach the Hook Point.

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