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Daygame Success
Learn about Daygame Success barriers in this post.

3 Racism Beliefs Killing Your Daygame Success

3 Racism Beliefs Killing Your Daygame Success


Today, I’d like to discuss 3 critical beliefs when it comes to daytime approaching and why most guys won’t even consider applying these basic skills in their life on daily basis to achieve true daygame success. 

The first belief that you might hold is something along the lines of: It’s not for me because I’m too ugly, too fat or even to skinny for this. Some of the other one’s I hear are: I’m too poor, already rich and don’t need this, still in high school and I’m too young. I’m over 30 and now I’m just an old creepy man. The most common and my favourite one is, “I’m asian” and white girls don’t like asians, meanwhile you see mixed couples on the street.

Another one is, I’m black and girls who aren’t black could never be interested in me and if I was white, green, or purple I could accomplish it all. Now that’s all true to a degree and racism exists, but you simply have to realize that not every girl out there is meant for you. There is really no such thing as too this or too that and realize that it’s all just mental masturbation in your head stopping you from achieving your personal success with daytime approaching. So begin by writing a couple of them down right now and find ways to disprove your personal objections.

Daygame Success
Learn about Daygame success barriers in this post.

Now, your second biggest belief about daygame is, it won’t work for me and it’s all too good to be true. In reality, if you talk to someone who’s tried this or search YouTube for daygame infields, you will find all kinds of proof against any number of your personal beliefs. Now, keeping those beliefs in mind, really take a look at this critically and realize that all of these beliefs that you currently hold are simply in your head and they’re simply stopping you from getting success with daytime approaching as a real way of meeting women.

The third biggest reason that’s stopping you right now, is you’re just bombarded with a lot of social disinformation.

A lot of this might come from you watching YouTube pick up videos, seeing instant dates, instant pulls, guys getting numbers on the street, or running around getting rejected or filming dating pranks where a guy is pulling up in fancy Lamborghini and just telling a girl to “get in” and of course she does like a good little lap dog. Then of course, you hear some companies saying ” yes, that’s the right way to do it”…as they’re just these little dogs running around getting into a Lamborghini at your command. At the end of it all, you’re really not sure what works and what doesn’t. It’s all just a big blur.

What model really works here? And the true answer here is, there is more than one particular model that can work in daygame and your job is to find the one that works for you by trying different models to daygame.

However, I strongly recommend you stick to a particular one for at least a year and make it your daily routine to apply those principles you learn and see how well it works for you and what results you get with it.

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